10 Ways to Treat Yo Self During the (Super Stressful) Holidays

How to practice self-care during the holidays

We're all familiar with those cheery carols about the holidays being the most wonderful time of the year. While that's mostly true, it's also the most stressful. We're running around -- often to the blaring overtones of said cheery carols -- to family engagements, work parties, breakfast with Santa, and every store known to man ... and guess what? In the middle of all of that, we've left absolutely no time for ourselves.


Don't leave numero uno in the dust this holiday season. It's time to practice the oxygen mask rule, people. We can't possibly expect ourselves to pull off the main event of the year for our families without putting a little "oxygen" for ourselves into the mix first. 

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That's right. Let's all vow to do a little something for ourselves during this busy time of year. And yes, of course, that can absolutely be interpreted to mean, let's buy ourselves a little bitty gift in order to get everything off to a truly magical start. Of course, it can also mean just giving ourselves the gift of downtime and dedicated time just for ourselves.

Unfortunately, we can't somehow wave a magic wand and make our infinitely long to-do lists any shorter, but here are a couple (totally doable) ideas for making a little "me time" amidst the holiday chaos.

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