10 Simple Steps for Fighting Off That Winter Funk

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What our mother or grandmother used to call the "winter blues" is usually labeled seasonal affective disorder (SAD) by doctors today, but we know the symptoms no matter the name: long bouts of melancholy or serious depression that kick in like clockwork right around the time winter starts every year. Though there's obviously a difference in severity between SAD and that blah feeling a lot of people feel around the holidays, both should be addressed, albeit in different manners.


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Sometimes we just can't shake the feeling of sadness or melancholy that comes with the earlier sunsets, short dark winter days, and a general feeling of "bleh" that comes with the winter months. For some of us, it happens yearly and can really mess with our heads for months at a time. And while there are definitely ways to deal with SAD (like therapy or medications), there are certain things that can make dealing with it a little easier -- like leaning into self-care and taking time to appreciate the little things. 

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If any of our readers thinks they have SAD, they should talk to their doctor. If they think they're just in a funk, here's how experts -- one doctor and one life coach -- recommend getting out of it.

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