Why Being a Mom During Cold & Flu Season Is Completely Underrated

sick family in bed

You feel the dreaded tickle in the back of your throat. Suddenly your oldest kid sneezes. Is it dust? Please be allergies. Or are they coming down with something? Your little one crawls into your lap and you feel the dread wash over you as you notice that their forehead is burning up. Then, the final nail in coffin -- your husband announces that he's not feeling well. It's time to face the truth: your entire family has come down with a virus.


For most moms, having an entire house filled with germs and stuffy noses is one of the worst things imaginable. It's right up there with running out of milk on a Saturday morning, accidentally hitting reply all on an email or accidentally erasing an episode of The Bachelor off the DVR before you watch it. But while having the whole family get struck down with a cold isn't exactly a trip to Disney World, being sick together doesn't have to suck. in fact, there's a few reasons why spending a sick day or two with the kids is actually pretty awesome.

You can pass on your sick day rituals.

Family traditions aren’t just for the holidays. Whether it's grandma's chicken noodle soup, bringing all of your blankets and pillows out to the couch or watching The Price Is Right with a bowl of rainbow sherbet, everyone has something they always do when they're sick to help them feel better. Being at home with your kids while they’re under the weather is the perfect time to pass this tradition onto them. Not only will you both feel better, but this way when they're older and away at college and sick you can rest a little easier knowing they have at least one thing they can do or eat that will remind them of home. 

You can cut yourself a break.

Adults don't get snow days. And while holidays and weekends are fun, with tons of errands to run and activities to do, they're not what you'd call relaxing. As much as you keep promising yourself a solo trip at the spa, life keeps getting in the way. But a sick day forces you to push the pause button on life. When the entire family is feeling sluggish you can all be lumps on the couch together.

It’s okay if your to-do list gets pushed to the side for a couple days. You don't need to run the vacuum and since everyone’s in the same pair of pajamas it’s fine to let the laundry slide too. What you need right now is rest. Being sick gives you the perfect excuse to spend your day in a fluffy robe and slippers and lay around doing not doing much of anything. Sure, blowing your nose every five minutes isn't the same as getting facial but getting time to zone out in front of the television is much more relaxing than sitting at your desk, right? 

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You can school your kids outside of school.

When your kids have a bug school is definitely out of the question, but that doesn’t mean they can’t learn anything while at home with you. Having a day or two of uninterrupted time with your kids is a great way to get in some quality bonding time, and to teach them all of the important pop culture knowledge they won’t learn in class. You can binge watch until your daughter is fluent in Gilmore Girls or teach them the ways of the force with a Star Wars marathon. And if you’re concerned that their math skills may start to slack while they recover from the sniffles, (or you need something to do while the iPad recharges) bust out the Monopoly board and show them that the top hat always wins. 

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Two words: Comfort food

It's a non-scientific fact that warm, starchy foods are what taste best when you're sick. As parents we're always trying to get out kids to eat their broccoli and worried about whether or not they’re getting enough protein. When the whole household is just trying to keep food down, you have permission to let everyone eat whatever sounds good to them, nutritional content be damned. And lucky for you, foods that appeal to people with colds are usually delicious comfort foods like cookies, crackers, grilled cheese and macaroni. No one’s stepping on a scale or counting points while they’re sick, so eat what seems appealing. Your tummy will thank you for it, and so will your kids.

So the next time your family all catches the same bug, it’s okay to go running for the tissues. Because along with the runny noses and scratchy throats you’re headed into 24/7 family time. And honestly, if you have to be quarantined with anyone, they’re the people you most want to be stuck with. 

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