16 Women Share the Biggest Regrets From Their 20s

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In a lot of ways, my 20s were amazing. I graduated from college and grad school. I got my first real job, in a field I love. I met and married my husband. But in the midst of all that great stuff, I made some pretty major mistakes. When I think about my 20s, I can see all the good, but I also have to admit to some major regrets.


There was the job I didn't take (and still wonder about). There was the credit card debt that I racked up at a shockingly fast rate and had to spend the second half of my 20s paying off. There were the risks I didn't take because I wasn't yet confident in myself -- confidence didn't come for me until after I turned 30. 

When I was in my 20s, I often thought that everyone else had things all figured out. But after talking to 16 other women who are firmly in their 30s and 40s, I see it turns out that all of us made some mistakes when we were younger. Read on to find out the oh-so-relatable things we wish we had known or done differently when we were younger. 

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