At Cold Time, Who's the Biggest Baby in Your House?

cold fluIs there someone in your house who acts like he or she is headed for the morgue at the first sign of the slightest cold?

When my husband is sick, I go to the drug store and buy him a care package. I bring him his favorite car magazines, drug-store remedies, candy, sports drinks and something funny, like a Mr. Potato Head.

I try to head off trouble. This is a case when it's always best to be prepared. He's a little happier--and a lot less miserable--if I give him some extra attention at the onset of his illness.

When colds strike your family, who's the biggest baby in the house? The kid, your husband or you?


I have to admit, sometimes it's me. Recently, I had bronchitis, and I spent a lot of time lying on the couch. But as many moms know, no matter how bad we feel, kids have to get fed and off to school, and we're often the ones who do it.

But some men--including my own husband--step up to the plate, too. Bluiidmommy recently said in Answers,"I've been sick, and my husband has bent over backward to make it easier for me. Also, he just bought me a box of chocolates the other day just because."

If your man is difficult to deal with when he's sick, I found the following tips from eHow to deal with a sick husband:

  1. Tell him you feel his pain. He, like everyone, probably wants a little coddling.
  2. Get out the supplies. Look through your medicine cabinet and pantry for cold remedies and sick-people food.
  3. Keep fluids at the ready. Make sure he has a full water pitcher and a glass. Give him a sports drink and herbal tea throughout the day.
  4. Think chicken soup. Chicken soup, crackers, applesauce, toast and cooked veggies are easy on the stomach and good for sick people.
  5. Put his phone next to him. He can catch up with his family and friends and also answer his work calls without asking you to fetch his cell.
  6. Find the remote. And make sure it has new batteries and is at his bedside.

Who's the biggest baby in your house at cold time?


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