Quick Post-Holiday Workout at Home

tennis shoe, water bottle, exerciseNow the day is more than half-over, and despite my very best intentions, I didn't make it to the gym. Here is a quick, post-holiday workout I can do at home. I should be able to squeeze it in after the kids go to bed.

And the best part: all it requires is some music, soup cans or weights and stairs. Oh, and I might need to some sweat, too.

I know I'll feel so much better mentally and physically if I get moving today.


This workout you can do in your basement comes from Erin Kurdyla, a certified fitness instructor, mom of four boys and blogger for Self.com.

Walking lunges. Take large, wide steps that give your bum and thighs a deep squat.

Step-ups. Step up and down one--or two--stairs.

Push ups. You can do full-body or knee push ups.

Sprints. Run around the basement.

Resistance. Lift those soup cans or weights in bicep curls.

Directions: Do each exercise for the length of one song on your iPod or stereo. Then repeat for round two.

Onespecialmom recently asked which workout routines work best for CafeMoms. Some of the answers were running, mountain biking, weight lifting and yoga.

When you're in a hurry, are there quick exercises that work for you?

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