6 Easy Post-Holiday Diet Tips

pudding, cake

This was my devilish Christmas pudding.

My pants are snug. My skin is puffy. And the worst part is the hard evidence: The scale says I'm 4 pounds heavier than I was this time last week.

How is that possible? Wait. I know the answer.

Today is the day I dread diet-wise. I have to deal with post-Christmas weight gain. But instead of getting depressed, I'm going to fight back the bulge. I will get to the gym even though I have much to do. I will also eat at home today. The mall's food court did me in over the weekend.

To get us started healthily, here are 6 easy, helpful post-holiday diet tips, too.


One expert, nutritionist Joy Bauer, has some ideas for getting your diet back on track after the holidays from msc.com.

Stop mindless eating. Men are typically less involved in buying and preparing food, so they don't snack all day while they feed the kids, themselves, and the rest of the family. Think like a man: Try not to eat until dinner is ready, which is not easy. A piece of sugarless gum can help.

Conquer cravings. To minimize carb cravings, eat protein like lean meat, fish, skinless chicken or eggs at every meal. Snack on protein/carb combos like cheese and fruit, low-fat yogurt and high-fiber cereal.

Try on your favorite jeans. If they're a tad tight after the holidays, take it easy till they fit just right again, hopefully soon.

Count calories. Read the labels on your food, and make sure you're eating one portion instead of--gulp--three.

Cut down on fat. Avoid fried foods, full-fat dairy products and fatty meats. Stock up on fruits, veggies and fiber.

Ask for help. When you're trying to eat more healthily, it can help to have a friend to talk to. Check the group Diet & Fitness Buddies for a partner to keep you on track.

Are your jeans too tight today?

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