Extreme, Ridiculous & Genius Ways People Avoid Germs During Cold Season

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No one wants to get sick, but with cold and flu season here, there's a good chance someone in your household or workplace is going to come down with the sniffles. Still, we go to great lengths to avoid icky germs. Some lengths are hilarious, costly, and inconvenient. They might not even work! But we'll do almost anything in the name of prevention.


Here are just a few of the wild, wacky, and yet wonderful things our friends do to avoid getting the sick. We're not sure there's something to any of these methods or whether they're more superstitions than anything else!

1. "I try holding my breath and closing my eyes if someone around me coughs or sneezes." -- Jen Z.

2. "When someone coughs near me, I exhale for about 20 seconds so I don't inhale what they coughed." -- Erika W.

3. "I open doors at the top with only one finger, instead of the middle of the handle, where everyone else grabs the door." -- Gerry H.

4. "I use knuckles instead of finger tips on elevator buttons." -- Suger R.

5. "I use elbows instead of knuckles ... instead of fingers." -- Tara A.G.

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6. "I'd put on just one glove (Michael Jackson style) to hold the subway pole." -- Tim R.

7. "I bag my own groceries with my own bags so there's minimal touching of my food by someone else." -- Karen F.

8. "When it's the height of cold and flu season, I wear a mask. What? It's not that weird!" -- Jen H.

9. "If possible, I use my back to open doors in public if I can't use my sleeve over my hand." -- Chris S.

10. "I carry wipes with me everywhere I go. I go through a lot of wipes." -- Joe M.

11. "I never read waiting room magazines -- the germs!" -- Ryan M.

12. "I wipe the tops of bottles and cans before I drink out of them." -- Miguel D.

13. "I flush public toilets with my foot." -- Melissa K.

14. "I use my foot to lower the toilet seat if it's been left up." -- Marla F.

15. "I won't wear my glasses. I heard contacts help to keep your eyes protected, and a ton of germs come in through your eyes. So I keep them protected by wearing my contacts more frequently." -- Jen S.P.

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16. "I work in sales, so I shake hands about 100 times a day. I have a rule that if I'm in the restroom with you and you don't wash your hands, I will never shake your hand again. You are then permanently placed on 'fist bump' status." -- Don H.

17. "I bring heavy duty cleaning wipes to hotels and wipe down anything a person would touch ... and I mean EVERYTHING! I once did it as soon as I got in a hotel room on a business trip only to find that they placed me directly over the bar playing loud mariachi music. I had to switch rooms and make a trip to the store to get more wipes. I don't know if they gave the room to some other poor sap but at least that person wasn't going to catch a cold!" -- Kat S.

18. "I wipe grocery carts every time I shop. I use my sleeve or a paper towel to handle the public bathroom door after I've washed my hands. If I shake the hand of someone who seems a little too cootie-licious for me, I immediately wash my hands." -- Katie M.

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19. "Once, I was waiting in line to check out of a store for 20 minutes. It was finally my turn and then the cashier sneezed into her hands. I immediately took all my merchandise and politely said, 'I forgot something!' and went to another cashier. I had to wait for another 20 minutes but it was worth it to get away from those germs!" -- Lauren F.

20. "My friend was going to Paris and was terrified her 3-year-old would get sick before the trip, so she asked the teacher to spray all the nursery school kids with disinfectant in the mornings leading up to the trip." -- Rebecca N.

Weird? Maybe. But we'll take our chances. No one wants to succumb to the sick. 


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