'The Pill Messed Me Up': 10 Women Get Real About Their Bodies on Hormonal Birth Control

Given that birth control pills are the most popular form of contraceptive used by women to both prevent pregnancy and regulate hormones, a new study from the journal JAMA Psychiatry that appears to have found links between use of the pill and increased risks of depression is big news for a lot of women. 


The study, conducted by researchers in Denmark, found that the use of hormonal birth control was positively linked with future diagnosis of depression, especially for adolescents. Researchers found that women who used the pill had a 40 percent increased risk of depression after six months of use compared to women who were not using hormonal birth control methods. 

Having a safe, effective, and reliable form of birth control is something that is important to so many women, but so is preventing depression, right? We wanted to find out more about how real women have experienced the relationship between the pill and their mental health, so we asked nine women to share their experiences. 


Image via Akkaradet Bangchun/Shutterstock

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