Wimp, Tough Guy, Mama’s Boy & More: 11 Very Real 'Man Cold' Personalities

sick manIn my house, it goes like this: one of my children goes to school and comes home a walking petri dish of germs, they get sick for 18 hours, my husband gets a scratchy throat and doesn't complain, and then I get sick and stay sick for the next two weeks. So when it comes to dealing with a 'man cold', I have to admit that I've got it pretty good. 


We all know the man cold, right? The minor virus that can turn even the toughest guy into a whining, tissue hogging mess. While it seems like dudes are the primary sufferers of the man cold, after talking to some friends I've come to realize that the man cold can strike anyone, regardless of gender. All you need is an adult with the sniffles and a strong desire to lay on the couch and complain. 

Cold and flu season is here, so now seems like a good time to share some stories about what it is really like living with a partner who has a cold. These stories are oh-so-relatable and will have you convinced that the time to stock up on cold medicine and hot tea is now.

Image via iStock.com/ BraunS

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