Celebs Take the #PutTheNailinIt Vow to End Domestic Violence

Safe Horizon, the nation’s leading organization dedicated to helping victims of violence including those affected by domestic abuse, has launched the PSA for its groundbreaking “#PutTheNailinIt” campaign.

#PutTheNailinIt encourages men, women, and even children to take the vow to end domestic violence. Domestic violence can affect anyone, and chances are that you already know someone who is suffering in silence. Together, with just three simple steps, we can shatter the silence that too often allows domestic violence to thrive, and help link victims to lifesaving services that can stop violence in their lives. 


Safe Horizon launched the #PutTheNailinIt campaign to spark a national conversation around domestic violence so that victims of abuse will know that they are supported and that Safe Horizon is there to help.

How will you help take a stand against domestic violence?

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