Every Step You Take Reveals This Unattractive Personality Trait

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Walking is SO good for you. It clears your mind, lowers your stress levels, helps you lose weight and so on. But next time you're out for a stroll, pay close attention to HOW you walk. Because that speaks volumes about your personality.


Like, how aggressive you are.

That's right. You can get road rage without ever stepping foot in a car.

Recently, researchers at the University of Portsmouth in the UK analyzed the personalities of 29 willing participants. Then, they used motion capture technology to record them walking on a treadmill at their natural pace.

To give you some background here, when you walk, it's natural for your body to rotate a little. Step forward with your left leg, for instance, and your right shoulder will come forward to maintain balance. But researchers found that people who had more rotation than normal in both their upper and lower body -- swagger, if you will -- tended to be more aggressive.

This will, of course, come as no surprise to anyone who's found themselves on a New York City sidewalk during rush hour. It's all about the shoulders, people. (And elbows.)

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But the researchers aren't really interested in providing fodder for next season's crop of reality TV shows. (Although how great would it be for the next Bachelorette to analyze the strut of every contestant?)

Rather, they believe their findings can help police when they're looking for criminals on closed-caption TV footage. Which is pretty brilliant.

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There's also hope that this research will serve as a springboard for additional investigations into how other personality traits affect movement.

That insight would be helpful since previous studies have found that we judge people by their gait as much as we do their clothing. And creepily, psychopaths are damn good at this.

One study showed prison inmates short video clips of people walking down the street and apparently, those with high psychopathic tendencies were aces at recognizing people who were vulnerable to being victimized.

So when you look at it that way? Maybe having a little swag in your step isn't a bad thing.


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