Hangover-Free Booze Exists Now? We'll Drink to That

The weekend is here, so chances are that means booze in some form. Whether it's a bottle of wine (or two) at brunch, or with your Netflix, alcohol is pretty great -- until you spend all Sunday in bed recovering from that god-awful hangover, that is. 


Then your weekends become wasted on sleeping the day away. However, with the help of David Nutt -- a professor of neuropsychopharmacology at Imperical College London and a former drugs adviser to the British government -- we may eventually be blessed with hangover-free alcohol. 

This would be possible with a compound called alcosynth that imitates the positive effects of alcohol with none of the negative. That means no nausea, no headaches, and no damn cottonmouth. (Can we please cue a couple of praise hand emojis?)

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According to the Independent, Nutt has so far tested 90 patents and is currently working on two to be considered for widespread use. The difference in the two is simply the taste, one being completely tasteless and the other having what was described as a bitter taste. However, we're not so sure that bitterness is concerning anyone who's taken Tequila shots, especially if it means a misery-free morning the next day. 

But, don't hold your breath for this miracle mix. Nutt says the new alternative could serve as a total replacement for alcohol by 2050 -- which is so damn far away. Like any liquor, it will be mixed in with your cocktail.

"People want healthier drinks," Nutt tells the Independent. "The drinks industry knows that by 2050 alcohol will be gone."

Nonetheless, like anything, moderation is key, and although Nutt says they "haven't tested it to destruction," they're thinking that "at about four or five 'drinks', then the effect would max out."

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We can't wait for this to be a reality and go out Saturday night without dreading Sunday morning. 

That said, when this alcosynth does take over, the message ought to remain the same: Drink responsibly, people. 


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