'Grammar Snob' Finally Lets You Be You're (Your!) Friends' Editor

Girl using Grammar Snob App

In this day and age, the art of language is a hard sell. Why say "you" when "u" will suffice? That leaves the grammar nerds among us in a weird place. When you're texting your friends, did you ever stop to tell them about they're there their inappropriate usage of certain words? Maybe it's a misplaced noun, a mysteriously missing apostrophe, or the super annoying misuse of "good" versus "well." Thankfully, there's an app for helping you correct there their mistakes. 



The iOS app, appropriately called Grammar Snob, is responsible for the excitement you're currently feeling. It houses a collection of comical stickers that come in handy in some of the most common grammatical fudges. And, while it's not free, it'll only set you back 99 cents, which is very much worth it. 

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Grammar Snob App

The app lets you ink up your friends' iMessages up with differentiating words such as "lose" versus "loose" and "they're" versus "their." Yep, you can fix your messages with the grammatically correct words and punctuation that have been such a long time coming. 

However, you must be warned that this may only heighten the humiliation that typically comes along with playing the role of a language arts teacher among your peers -- therefore, it's likely that you may get a lot of side eye when using this tool. Hey, you've been warned.

Grammar Snob App

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However, if you're ready to seal your fate as the most unbearably impossible type of friend -- the know-it-all -- then carry on and give 'em hell (metaphorically speaking, of course). 


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