9 Simple Swaps to Prevent Winter Weight Gain

With school starting again and you running around like a crazy person, packing lunches and helping with never-ending homework assignments, you'd think you'd lose weight each September. Alas, on average, we each gain a full two (yes, TWO!) pounds during this busy month.


It's not just from eating your kiddo's lunch box leftovers. Your body's got to begin adjusting to cooler weather and less daylight. You may have less time to be active, plus more opportunities to overeat (hello, holidays!) and indulge in calorie-heavy comfort foods, notes Marci Clow, MS, a registered dietitian and senior nutritionist at Rainbow Light.

"Some people also experience seasonal affective disorder," she adds, "which is a type of depression that may cause people to eat more when it's cooler and darker outside."

That said, "you can't pinpoint a particular food as a villain, especially if eaten in moderation," notes Clow. "I'm a firm believer that all -- or most -- foods can be part of a healthy diet, if eaten on occasion and in small portions."

The problem with weight gain isn't necessarily what you eat, she adds, "but the sheer volume of food that tastes so good you keep eating more."

With that in mind, here are some ways to stay out of this fall's weight gain trap.


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