9 Signs You've Got Killer Body Image, According to Experts

9 Signs You've Got Killer Body Image, According to Experts

So yeah, there's this thing called body image. You might have heard about it. A LOT. And you might be secretly worried that you didn't have enough of it.

But here's the deal. Having good body image isn't determined by your BMI.

"Physical and emotional signs and symptoms are often a direct reflection of how well we're caring for these bodies of ours," explains Gerardo Bustillo, MD, an ob-gyn at Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center in Fountain Valley, CA.

With that in mind, here are the sometimes subtle, sorta surprising clues that you're damn straight loving yours.


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  • You get enough rest

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    You should feel NO shame in biding by an early bedtime. Doing so is a sign that you know what your body needs. Even better if you sleep like a baby. "Sleep disturbances may result from poor diet, eating too late, excess use of caffeine, or unresolved stress," says Dr. Bustillo.

  • Your skin looks awesome

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    Glowing and you're not pregnant? Good for you! Clear skin means you're taking care of your body. "Studies suggest that severe acne may be linked to excess stress hormones," Dr. Bustillo says.

  • You're chill

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    Is your attitude "all good," whether you're hanging in a hammock and reading or dealing with stop-and-go traffic on the freeway? That relaxed attitude does a body -- meaning YOURS -- some good.

    Low resting heart rate and blood pressure are a reflection of cardiovascular fitness, and how well one responds to stress, notes Dr. Bustillo.

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  • You're in it to win it

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    Whether it's hiking up a hill in your neighborhood, throwing a birthday party for 15 toddlers, meeting an insane work deadline, or doing all of that in the same afternoon, stamina is a beautiful thing.

    "The ability to 'keep up' is reflective of cardiovascular fitness and proper nutrition," explains Dr. Bustillo.

  • Your hair's better than Ariana Grande's -- and it's real!

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    Keeping your locks looking lovely means avoiding alcohol and cigarettes and exercising regularly, says Ken L. Williams Jr., DO, FISHRS, surgeon and founder of Orange County Hair Restoration in Irvine, California, and author of Hair Transplant 360 – Follicular Unit Extraction.

    To have vigorous and strong hair, he says, "you have to love yourself and be consistent with healthful life style decisions."

  • You're at YOUR ideal weight

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    That doesn't mean you're super skinny. But, Dr. Bustilo adds, "knowing what foods to eat, how much, and avoiding emotional eating are crucial in maintaining one's ideal body weight."

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  • You can look on the bright side -- and usually do

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    "The ability to feel positive emotions, laugh, and enjoy life's pleasures are signs that you are caring well for your body in many ways," says Dr. Bustillo.  

  • You've got ace concentration

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    Can't finish one work email without checking FB? Don't blame your office AC, toddler, or computer connection. It's not them, it's YOU.

    "The inability to focus and stay on task often results from caring poorly for our bodies," Dr. Bustillo says. So when you can zero in on the most boring thing ever, the opposite is true: You and your body are doing the best you can.

  • You crave healthy food

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    Kale salad with hemp seeds for dinner rather than french fries and a soda? "When you're not necessarily craving salty, caffeinated, gooey foods, you are at a happy and healthy balance," says Nicole Weinberg, MD, FACC, a cardiologist at Providence Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

    "Taking the time to listen to what your body needs and feed it the right fuel is very important."

  • ...And the one sign that your man loves HIS body?

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    "A healthy sexual appetite combined with a frequent and strong erection is indicative of a man who's benefiting from a balanced diet and consistent exercise regimen," says Philip Werthman, MD, director of the Center for Male Reproductive Medicine and Vasectomy Reversal in Los Angeles, California.

    "When seeing and feeling positive physical changes, a man's confidence soars and can oftentimes help remedy their lack of energy, strength, and sexual performance."

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