10 Surprising Facts About the Vagina That Every Woman Should Know

woman covering crotch

Most women probably don't reflect on their bodies this way, but just think, we've already spent more time with our vaginas than anything else in life. She's always there -- not always the friend we want, but almost always the friend we need. Seriously, we take this particular part of our anatomy for granted, don't we? Think about it -- it's unfortunately pretty true, even if we don't want to admit it...


In fact, many of us are completely oblivious when it comes to our vagina and all the ways she works for us, sexually and otherwise. We only realized how much we didn't know -- and needed to know -- after doing some research, which included speaking with sexpert Michelle Hope. Ms. Hope more than cleared things up for us. 

Most of us know how the pleasure parts of our bodies work for us. However, who knew our lovely little lady parts could also have a direct correlation to how well we sleep and how much our skin glows? That's right. It can be a very advantageous relationship when we know how it all works together in our bodies. 

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So with that said, here are the 10 nuggets of wisdom pertaining to vaginal health (sexually and otherwise) that we learned and every woman really needs to know, too. 

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