7 Things Healthy Moms Do Each Day

I've found that a vital aspect in being a good mom is taking the time to care for myself. This means spending time each day making sure that I am tending to both my emotional and physical health. I find that when both my mind and body are enlightened, I have so much more energy and focus I can share with my family; that's why these 7 Things Healthy Moms Do Each Day are so important in my home.


1. Meditate. Although the world is full of many loud noises, it's important to have quiet time each and every day. Wake up a few minutes before your children and gather your thoughts before starting your day. This peaceful moment will help your morning get off to a great start.

2. Spend time outside. There is something extremely refreshing about stepping outside and taking a deep breath of fresh air. Every night after my kids go to bed, I like to sit on my front porch and enjoy this peaceful view. SO good for my soul.

3. Spend quality time with each child. Healthy relationships are extremely vital to one's emotional health. Giving each child individual time each day helps build those relationships leading to a happy family life.

4. Schedule daily activities. Make a daily "to-do" list and don't go to bed until it’s accomplished. However, be careful not to over schedule yourself. Make sure to schedule in items such as sleep, exercise, etc.

5. Eat meals with the family. Sitting down and eating a home-cooked family meal not only leads to physically healthy habits (this limits the amount of fast food) but it also helps establish healthy bonds with each other.

6. Exercise. As a mother, I'm well aware that time is limited each day. However, that doesn't mean that there isn't any time for exercise. There are many different ways you can get that exercise in without making it feel like a chore: go on a bike ride with the kids, take the stairs, walk the mall, etc.

7. Nourish the body. Omega-3 and Vitamin D are extremely important to take all throughout your life, but even more vital during child-bearing years (for both mom and baby). The benefits to taking such supplements include (but are not limited to) healthy pregnancy, optimal brain and eye development in babies, mood support for new moms, and optimal fat metabolism.

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Meagan Ivie of A Mom’s Take loves being the mother to a toddler who thinks he's a puppy and a chocolate lab who wishes he were human. When Meagan isn't pulling her son from the doggie door or fishing dog food from his mouth, Meagan enjoys decorating, crafting, cooking, thrift shopping, and eating at unique restaurants.

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