Dental Floss Haters Get Good News ... Only to Then Get Bad News


Oral hygiene is so important, but most parents will agree that reminding kids to brush and floss (daily!) can be a bit of a headache. And, if we're being completely honest, even though it only takes a few extra seconds, sometimes it's hard to make the time ourselves. That's why we were beyond excited to hear that flossing may just be a big old waste of time. Wait, what? 


Shocking, right? Well, here's how this rumor got started. After digging into research performed by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Agriculture, the Associated Press claims the evidence that flossing is worthwhile is "weak" and "very unreliable." 

But, before we decided to make some cool, Pinterest-worthy crafts out of all our excess floss, we thought we'd better check in with an actual dentist -- and, just as we suspected, we've been advised to keep using that waxy string.

"Flossing is a necessary part of proper oral hygiene," Dr. Timothy Chase, a dentist at SmilesNY, explains.

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What makes it so important?

"Almost everyone has experienced having celery, poppy seeds, or the dreaded popcorn stuck between their teeth or under their gums," Dr. Chase continues. "The only way to remove those items is by flossing. Now imagine, every time that you eat, smaller, less noticeable pieces of food get stuck in between the teeth and under the gums. If you don't clean them out they will cause gum disease and cavities."

Popcorn! Of course -- how could we forget? If for no other reason, yes, we must keep floss on hand at all times. 

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As much as we were hoping we wouldn't have to keep up the charade of flossing twice daily with our beloved hygienist, we knew this story seemed too good to be true. 

Actually, thinking about what Dr. Chase has to say makes us want to floss right now. 

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