11 Hazardous Items No One Should Ever Buy at Dollar Stores

That $1 trinket for a child -- or kitchen -- may seem like a good find at the time, but revealing information makes us want to toss it out. Yes, that unbeatable price tag for that sparkly toy really may be too good to be true. When it comes to health and safety, many of these fun dollar deals are actually hazardous to our families' health. What some of them are made of is completely scary! And no matter how low the price, we think they're so not worth the potential risks.


According to a recent study conducted by consumer testing group Healthy Stuff and Campaign for Healthier Futures, a high number of these items contain hazardous chemicals such as chloride, lead, bromine, and phthalates that are linked to cancer, infertility, diabetes, learning disabilities, and asthma. (Whoa! Who knew?)

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We found 11 toxic items that we've all purchased in the past (who can say no to princess wands and super cheap phone cables?) that everyone will want to avoid buying at dollar stores.

After reading about what may be lurking in these products, we believe spending a little bit extra when shopping for them is totally worth it. We hope all dollar stores will eventually clean up their act, but until then, we're skipping the dollar store versions of these 11 items and opting for products made by companies more transparent in what they use to make their items. Read on to check out what made the list.


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