Hard Drugs & Other 'Bad' Things My Vanity Prevents Me From Doing


I vividly recall sitting in geometry class in 10th grade when a friend of mine declared that everyone would try cocaine at some point in his or her life. I was outraged and confused. This wasn't a little pot we were talking about, and I couldn't relate. Even though I was far from perfect as a teenager, I still think of that day and wonder what it was that kept me from trying or even feeling curious about harder drugs and many other things that teens feel inclined to try. Was it the DARE commercial? The health classes? Maybe. But the real reason my curiosity was never piqued was and is ... vanity.


In everything my mother talked to me about, she unknowingly managed to point out the lack of vanity that could ultimately result from each and every decision that I may have made with a curious mind. 

That said, here are four things that vanity ensured I'd never do.

1. Doing Hard Drugs

From cocaine to heroin, kids in my school were doing it. But, from the time I was younger, my mother would point out drug addicts on the corner to either explain why we weren't giving that homeless person money (which I often wanted to do) or to scare me sh*tless with lines like, "That's what happens when you do drugs." After looking closely at these people, I began to notice a pattern in their appearance -- their teeth were usually rotting and their skin had aged -- and ultimately this kept me from buying into the notion that drugs might be sexy or cool in any shape or form. 

2. Getting Pregnant (Before I'm Ready)

My mom didn't have to say much here, but just seeing the impact that pregnancy could have on your body (as beautiful as it might be) -- I was never in a rush for the coin toss that determines whether or not my body will snap back after pregnancy. 

Even to this day, while I'm old enough to not catch side eyes for getting pregnant, I'm just not interested in retiring my crop tops or any other skimpy clothing I may own. That sort of selfishness is probably a good indicator that I'm far from ready to give my all to another living life, anyhow. 

3. Becoming Overweight

If I had a penny for every time an older woman warned me that I wouldn't always have my speedy metabolism -- well, I might not have to have four roommates. But, I digress. Ultimately, I took those words to heart, along with the family history of obesity, and I vowed to never let myself get past a certain weight (we all have our magic number, right?).

While eventually I will have children and certain things may not go back into place, this is something within my control -- so I control it. I'm going to milk this body for all that it's worth while I've got it -- sorry, not sorry.

I won't lie, this one is particularly difficult for me because there's nothing more difficult to resist that a disproportionately large plate of amazing food.

4. Drinking Soda Pop

My smile has always been one of my most notable features, but my need for pop was always a difficult one for me to kick. It wasn't until my dentist told me about the dangers of dental decay that I began truly fearing soda. Between that and what sugar does for my waistline, I was finally able to give up soda for good. (Do I get a chip for this or something? I totally should.)

So while vanity may seem like an unattractive characteristic, I think that like with everything else, vanity in moderation can actually be quite good for you. In some ways vanity saved my life, whether it be from long-term or short-term decisions -- so with that said, I'll be unapologetically vain as long as I'm alive and kicking.

And, if that means I'll take one too many selfies or stare in the mirror at my bootylicious ass a little too much during my walks to the train? So. F*cking. What -- everyone will have to get over it. 


Image via iStock.com/Peter Zelei

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