13 Grocery Store Staples Experts Say to Skip Buying Forever

almond milk

Grocery shopping is tricky business. Many of the foods found at grocery stores can be pretty deceptive, especially if you're trying to switch to a healthier diet and lifestyle. What you may think is healthy is loaded with sugar, sodium, and other unnatural ingredients. Who would think that granola bars have three different kinds of sugar? Or almond milk has fillers? Did you know fruit yogurt has more sugar than a candy bar? 


Even when we try to read the back of a package, it can be misleading and confusing. Like, what are those ingredients we can't even pronounce? What does "non-fat" mean? And how are we supposed to know which foods to trust? (Does anyone else have a headache right now?)

To debunk tricky grocery store foods, we spoke to several experts who gave us the skinny on what foods to simply avoid buying during our food shopping trips. Many foods seem harmless (even good for you) and appear to be healthy with labels saying "natural," "no sugar," or "low fat" -- but these items aren't what you think or what they pose as.

You can create the same product yourself and have it actually be good for you, or you can buy a true healthier alternative. Here are 13 food items that experts say you should stop wasting your money on.

Sorry, granola bars. See you never, yogurt with fruit. It's over between us. We know better now.


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