11 Moms on the Best 'Girls' Night Out' They've Ever Had

11 Moms on the Best 'Girls' Night Out' They've Ever Had

friendsA few weeks ago, I had the most epic girls' night out ever. It was me, my friend Alice, and our other friend Beyonce. You may have heard of her. Sure, there were thousands of other people there too, but the night was really about me, Alice, and Queen Bey singing our hearts out. 

To me, the best part of a good girls' night out is the chance to step out of the mom zone and to remember how fun it can be to hang out with my friends. And if you can add in Beyonce and dancing all night -- even better!

Given that Beyonce isn't always available, what are some other amazing ideas for an epic girls' night out? Read on for some awesome stories of memorable friend times. You'll be inspired to call your bestie and start planning your next night out.


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  • Hit the Road

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    "I'm so fortunate to have a group of girlfriends who have been close since high school, with some of us having been friends since elementary school. We make a point to have a girls' weekend at least once a year. We've been to Chicago, Miami, Nashville, cabins in Wisconsin, and every time, it's a magical, hilarious, therapeutic couple of days." -- Molly O., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Trivia Time

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    "My friends and I formed a trivia team for trivia night at a local bar. We cleaned up BIG TIME last week when it was a Friends TV show theme night." -- Judy C., Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Beer and Laughs

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    "One time years ago I met my sister and some friends at a pub, and played Apples to Apples for the first time. The food sucked, but the pitchers of beer were good and I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. It was a really memorable evening." -- Tricia W., Saint Paul, Minnesota 

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  • Craft It Up

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    "My favorite are the crafting weekends I take with my girlfriends up north. We do craft, which is productive, but we also crash the small town bar one night. This year all 10 of us walked in and all heads turned to us with faces like "Who the heck are THEY?" (this happens every year). We got our table only to find out it was the class of 2006 reunion that night! I think all of us were hit on by drunk 20-somethings -- which was actually quite a boost for the mom ego!" -- Tracy R., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Lake Time

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    "My friends are spread all over the country, so getting together for a girls' night is impossible but getting together for a girls' weekend is doable. For the last five years, we've rented the same cabin on a lake and we come ready to reconnect and laugh and it is so much fun." -- Cadie E., Burlington, Michigan

  • Learning Something New

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    "Instead of doing the same old dinner and drinks, last girls' night we took a cooking class. It ended up being so much fun and we actually got more bonding done over the stove than we would have at a noisy, crowded restaurant." -- Fiona S., Boston, Massachusetts

  • Retro Fun

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    "We are on a kick lately of doing fun retro things like going bowling or going to the VFW hall for bingo night. Next month we are doing mini golf! It is a good way to not take ourselves too seriously and to just act like kids again." -- Mandy B., Salina, Kansas

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  • Book Club

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    "I know it is kind of a cliché, but I love my book club nights. We've been meeting for years, so we are tight group and we always do something special to match the theme of the book, like eating at an Italian restaurant for a book set in Italy. It is comforting knowing I have at least one night a month for me to talk about books with people I dig!" -- Rebecca S., Glendale, California

  • Running Free

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    "I had the best night ever with the members of my running group. We all trained for the same half-marathon and the night after we ran it, we all went out for a huge dinner and then went to a place where you can rent hot tubs by the hour. It was heaven! And it was extra sweet that it was a night we could share after months of all working hard for the same goal." -- Stef A., Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • Get Away Time

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    "Girls' weekend in Boston with my friends from high school or NKOTB reunion in Cleveland were both hilarious and the most memorable stories. This makes me realize we need to schedule another girls' trip!" -- Anna M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Mom Prom

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    "I'm part of an amazing group of women who started out as a Facebook group but are now in-real-life friends. There are 400 of us in the group and last fall the admins decided to throw a prom to celebrate the group's first anniversay

    We rented a hotel ballroom, got a DJ, the works. It was so awesome. No husbands, no kids, just tons of dancing and drinking and crashing at the hotel that night. Seriously one of the best nights ever." -- Wendy T., Saint Paul, Minnesota


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