11 Moms on the Best 'Girls' Night Out' They've Ever Had

friendsA few weeks ago, I had the most epic girls' night out ever. It was me, my friend Alice, and our other friend Beyonce. You may have heard of her. Sure, there were thousands of other people there too, but the night was really about me, Alice, and Queen Bey singing our hearts out. 


To me, the best part of a good girls' night out is the chance to step out of the mom zone and to remember how fun it can be to hang out with my friends. And if you can add in Beyonce and dancing all night -- even better!

Given that Beyonce isn't always available, what are some other amazing ideas for an epic girls' night out? Read on for some awesome stories of memorable friend times. You'll be inspired to call your bestie and start planning your next night out.


Image via iStock.com/monkeybusinessimages

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