Kat Graham's Confidence-Boosting Advice Is Everything

Kat Graham Caress promotion

Oftentimes we find it super hard to separate some of our favorite actors and actresses from their actual roles, because we love them so much. But, after speaking with Vampire Diaries's Kat Graham, we found that it wasn't all that hard to see the really cool person behind "Bonnie Bennett," one of our favorite TV witches. Check out our recent interview with her, and find out why we just want to know Kat. 


We got the chance to talk to Kat Graham during her campaign for Caress, and it was like speaking with one of our BFFs. She was so candid, and it was equally fun hearing all the amazing things she has going on, as well as future endeavors. However, we also got to talk women's empowerment -- and she had some great stuff to say on the subject. 

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Check out the video to hear what else Kat has to say about the confidence of young women everywhere.  


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