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14 Lessons We Learned the Hard Way Instead of Listening to Mom

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Growing up, there was a certain appeal to doing the opposite of whatever it was that your parents told you. It isn't until you are older that you are able to appreciate their advice and realize it's actually some of the most solid advice that you'll get -- because they have that whole age and wisdom thing going for them. Some of the advice was on super simple stuff, while the other advice could've been life changing -- if only you had been willing to hear Mom out ...

That said, there are a ton of lessons that we had to learn the hard way because of our "young and stupid" ways. But others shouldn't have to suffer the same way. Since we know for a fact that we'd rather listen to advice from any other adult than our own mom, here is some solid advice that we got for you -- from other people's moms. Here, women share the advice their moms gave them.


Image via Kiarra Sylvester

Image via Kiarra Sylvester

1Love & Loyalty

"Make sure he loves you more than you love him. Women are loyal and men can leave if they are not enamored by you more." -- Irnande A. 

I've heard this a time or two, and I'm not 100 percent sure it works, but it certainly has some great points (ahem, it's no secret that men have the attention span of a toddler).

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"Don't date someone who's cheap because stingy goes beyond money and it's not attractive." -- Liz A.

Preach! There's nothing more unappealing than a cheapo -- this was advice I could've used before I went on a date with a guy who made me share an entree with him and drink water for the duration of the date. 

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3Spending Habits

"Before you buy anything, think of how long and hard your had to work to earn that much money." -- Barry M

Every now and then, sure -- splurge! But, in general, this will save you from making impulse purchases that will be useless in little to no time.

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Image via Kiarra Sylvester

4Broken People

"It's not your job to fix people." -- Kiarra S. 

People who don't want to be helped can't be helped and it's not your job to get them to that point -- they have to want it. 

Image via Kiarra Sylvester

5Friends First

"Don't put your boyfriends above your friendships." -- Liz A.

You've heard it before in many other forms, but hear it one more time. 

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"Everyone who looks like you is not your friend, and everyone who doesn't is not your enemy." -- Danine M.

Sometimes gifts comes in the most unsuspecting packaging -- friendship is one of them. Never write anyone off due to a preconceived notion. 

Image via Kiarra Sylvester

7It All Works Out

Said every mother, everywhere. And while it sounds like a crock of sh*t, it's so true. It will be alright and things will work out -- it may not happen in the way that you imagined, but, it will happen.

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Image via Kiarra Sylvester

8Be Squeaky

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease." -- Eric B.

If you don't ask for what you want, how will you get it? You won't -- speak up.

Image via Kiarra Sylvester

9Treat Yourself

"Don't be so cheap that you forget to treat yourself." -- Nicole H. 

Being that I'm a very frugal person, this lesson truly resonates with me. It took me a long time to get in the habit of treating myself to that meal I wanted, or that movie, occasionally. 

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"Be ambitious and confident -- it will take you far -- you will gain the respect of everyone." -- Irnande A.

Without the two (ambition and confidence), really, who are we? What are we? It's like an interchangeable formula for success -- can't have one without the other.

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"Although you call her your best friend, you may not be her best friend; she may not see you the same way that you see her." -- Irnande A.

You can't expect the same loyalty from everyone, regardless of your dedication to any relationship. You just have to give (loyalty and so on) with an open heart and hope that it's reciprocated. 

Image via Kiarra Sylvester


"Don't lie ... You will get caught and it won't end well." -- Liz A.

Nothing ever good comes from it, and our teenage years taught us that one. Or, maybe not.

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