14 Lessons We Learned the Hard Way Instead of Listening to Mom

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Growing up, there was a certain appeal to doing the opposite of whatever it was that your parents told you. It isn't until you are older that you are able to appreciate their advice and realize it's actually some of the most solid advice that you'll get -- because they have that whole age and wisdom thing going for them. Some of the advice was on super simple stuff, while the other advice could've been life changing -- if only you had been willing to hear Mom out ...


That said, there are a ton of lessons that we had to learn the hard way because of our "young and stupid" ways. But others shouldn't have to suffer the same way. Since we know for a fact that we'd rather listen to advice from any other adult than our own mom, here is some solid advice that we got for you -- from other people's moms. Here, women share the advice their moms gave them.


Image via Kiarra Sylvester

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