11 Times Finding Old Friends on Facebook Was Amazing -- or Horrible!

woman with phoneConfession: I am an unabashed lover of Facebook. I have friends and family all over the country and Facebook is one of the major ways I stay connected to all of them. Through Facebook, I've made new friends and reconnected with old ones. Finding old friends has been really fun for me -- but it turns out that isn't the case for everyone.

I got the inside scoop from some of my fellow Facebook junkies about the best and worst friends they've reconnected with on Facebook. While some of the stories are amazing and sweet (finding love!), others will make you do the full-body cringe (finding out your childhood idol is a racist? BRUTAL).

Read on for real-life reminders of the the power of Facebook to connect us, for better or worse!


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  • My First Friend


    "A few years ago I reconnected with my very first friend! Mel and I were buddies until the age of 5 when my family moved away. I haven't seen her in over 25 years, but we found each other on Facebook. It is so funny to see how similar our lives are now. I enjoy seeing this little bit of my very early past in my daily present." -- Janelle S., Toledo, Ohio

  • Former Idol


    "I was SO EXCITED when I found Mrs. X on Facebook! She was my favorite teacher when I was a kid and actually inspired me to go into teaching as my career. I was honestly kind of giddy that she remembered me and accepted my friend request.

    And then I started looking at her page. And it turns out Mrs. X is kind of a bigot. And is super not-LGBT friendly. And is anti-interracial marriage. And LOVES Ted Cruz. Yikes.

    She isn't my hero anymore." -- Name withheld

  • First Boyfriend


    "Ian was my first serious boyfriend. We loved each other as much as two middle and high schoolers can. We broke up when he moved away for college, but I've always remembered him fondly.

    I friended him on FB last year and it is kind of bittersweet. He is married with kids and sometimes I look at the family pictures and think about what might have been. Like, in another world, it could have been me on that camping trip, you know?

    I'm glad he is happy. I like seeing his life. But it does make me wistful sometimes." -- Carly W., Charlotte, North Carolina

  • My Tribe


    "Facebook saved my sanity! I had just moved to a new city and didn't know anyone. I joined an online group for moms in my neighborhood and since then I've met my best friends. It is this amazing little community, both on and offline. Since I've joined, I've gone out to dinner, taken trips, had coffee dates -- all with people I met in this group. They are my tribe and my village." -- Katie O., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • New Job


    "I reconnected with a former coworker on Facebook because she used to be so fun to chat with at work. About six months after we became friends on Facebook, she gave me the heads-up about a dream job opening at her company. I applied and now we are coworkers again! I don't think I would have heard about the job without her, so yay for Facebook friends and networking!" -- Gina V., Phoenix, Arizona

  • Enough!


    "I made the mistake of friending a cousin that I barely know. It turns out she does one of those home sales businesses and it is all she ever posts about. I've never bought anything from her and yet she keeps adding me to 'party' groups and sending me direct messages when she is trying to sell enough to make a quota. It is super annoying. I've blocked her now." -- Andrea R., Cary, North Carolina

  • The Italian Connection


    "I lost track of one of my college roommates after graduation, but then she sent me a friend request and it turns out she lives in Italy now! I'm going to go visit her there this summer and I am so excited to see her and stay for free with her in a country I've always wanted to visit." -- MaryBeth J., Green Bay, Wisconsin

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  • Mean Girl


    "This is so mean of me to say, but one of the best things on Facebook right now is that I've connected with the girl who was the most popular, prettiest, and most boy-stealing girl in my college dorm. She is still pretty and popular, it seems, but she also has three kids now. The fact that her kids are all homely is delightful to me. Because I am a terrible person." -- Name withheld

  • Former Friends


    "I'm Facebook friends with my best friends from middle school. It isn't a good or bad thing, really, but it is just interesting to see how different our lives are. We live in different parts of the country, have super different lifestyles -- just kind of crazy how three people can be so tight at one point in their life and have nothing in common at another." -- Callie S., Tucson, Arizona

  • Found Love


    "I'm getting married this summer! To a woman I met at summer camp when I was 12 and just found on Facebook again a few years ago. What are the odds we'd fall in love after not seeing each other for over 15 years?" -- Tammie P., Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • The Cliché


    "I usually have strict rules about not letting my work life and personal life mix. So, I usually never Facebook friend coworkers. But then the wife of my boss sent me a request and I kind of felt like I had to accept it.

    HUGE mistake. She is SO annoying on Facebook. She is every cliché: She posts all day about stupid stuff, her relationship to spelling and grammar is casual at best, and she is constantly sending me game requests. It is all annoying, but I feel like I can't unfriend her without it being a whole big thing. Ugh." -- Name withheld

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