11 Times Finding Old Friends on Facebook Was Amazing -- or Horrible!

woman with phoneConfession: I am an unabashed lover of Facebook. I have friends and family all over the country and Facebook is one of the major ways I stay connected to all of them. Through Facebook, I've made new friends and reconnected with old ones. Finding old friends has been really fun for me -- but it turns out that isn't the case for everyone.


I got the inside scoop from some of my fellow Facebook junkies about the best and worst friends they've reconnected with on Facebook. While some of the stories are amazing and sweet (finding love!), others will make you do the full-body cringe (finding out your childhood idol is a racist? BRUTAL).

Read on for real-life reminders of the the power of Facebook to connect us, for better or worse!


Image via iStock.com/mihailomilovanovic

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