14 Things Only Extroverts Understand -- & Wish Others Would, Too

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Being an extrovert can be hard work. Not only is your energy level constantly supercharged (face it, you've been known to give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money), but you're also a social butterfly who really can't keep to yourself. Being an extrovert can be a daunting task at times but is a big part of who you are.


(Maybe you can relate.)

Here are some common struggles and realities extroverts deal with on the regular. If only folks would just understand ...

1. Don't confuse our passion with anger.

"Ugh, I get this all the time! Since when does using your hands to talk, maybe raising your voice at times, and speaking directly to someone mean I'm angry? I'm not mad, I'm passionate! -- Traci N.

2. Unfinished thoughts come with the territory.

"I hate when people say I can't finish a thought -- I can! I just have soo many ideas flowing through my head that it's sometimes hard to focus on one. Wait ... what was the question?" -- Gina L.

3. It's so easy to take over a conversation.

"If I had a nickel for every time I had to apologize for talking too much, or interrupting someone -- because I had a really good idea at the time -- yeah, I'd be living in Oprah's house right now." -- Michelle A.

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4. No need to criticize us for being "too much."

"Did I talk too much? Did I scare that person away? Did I cross the line? Yeah, when you're an extrovert, you're constantly asking yourself whether or not your personality is going overboard. You can't help it." -- Leslie F.

5. Being alone kinda makes us sad.

"It's not that I can't be alone -- I can. I just don't like it. Plus, it only makes me catalog my stories to tell someone later, which means more eye rolls for talking too much." -- Rachel T.

6. You'll never need to hire an event planner -- like ever.

"Maybe it's the Virgo in me, but my friends know what's up. Extroverts are known for being the life of the party and typically keep a pretty full social calendar. We have tons of ideas that end up becoming memorable parties!"  -- Emily S.

7. Being loud and energetic is just a way of life.

"You might think I'm being loud and over the top, but to me, it's just Tuesday. #CantHelpIt" -- Simone W.

8. Not being bubbly doesn't equal pissed.

"'What's wrong with you -- are you okay?' You know, I can go a day or two without smiling around the clock or wanting to engage in a ton of conversations. (Other people do, and I don't think they want to jump off a bridge.) I'm not pissed, I'm probably tired. Stop looking so much into things." -- Clarrisa F.

9. We aren't personally trying to outshine you; we just aim to please.

"Just because I'm always taking a leadership role -- or try to go the extra mile -- does not mean I'm on a personal mission to hurt your feelings. Why do I have to do things differently in order to make everyone else feel better?" -- Shari T.

10. Our joy often masks deeper issues ...

"One thing that frustrates me about being an 'extrovert' is that people fail to realize how much I can and sometimes do hurt inside. Yes, I'm typically happy-go-lucky, and yes, I don't mind being the center of attention ... but there are internal battles I have, that go beyond what you're able to see." -- Kyara D.

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11. Too much silence is uncomfortable.

"... Yeah, I just don't like that s**t." -- Bryce A.

12. We don't ask for attention, it just comes with the territory.

"I'm always the one introducing myself to new people, always being friendly, and always smiling. How did you not expect me to be the center of attention? Extroverts don't ask for it, it kinda happens on its own. We're people magnets." -- Danae B.

13. Sorry, but we can't help giving details.

"Sometimes it hurts my feelings when people roll their eyes or tell me to hurry up whenever I talk. I don't mean to give every detail to a story -- it's just how I tell it!" -- Karen L.

14. We really do like being around people.

"It's not that I'm co-dependent ... I just really like people and love being around their energy. I can do things on my own, but sometimes, I don't want to." -- Jen V.



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