15 Best Places to Vacation With Your Best Friend

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All of us need to experience that one trip that gives us memories for a lifetime. No, you don't need to drive off a cliff holding hands, or end up on some casino rooftop while wondering what in the hell happened. All you need are your suitcase, some stylish clothes, possibly a passport, and the people you love to call friends.


It's okay if you're a little clueless on where to go. (The world can be a really big place.) Take a look at these fun BFF destinations that provided the most epic travel adventures.

1. Ireland

"My best friend and I road-tripped through Ireland a few years ago. It's so beautiful and there's so much to see that we only scratched the surface. First, we spent a few days in Dublin, followed by Cork, Killarney, a drive around the Ring of Kerry, and finishing up in Limerick. Along the way, we ended up in little towns. We even noticed Blarney was nearby during our drive from Cork to Killarney, so we stopped there along the way and ran around the castle and kissed the stone! It was the best trip I’ve ever been on, hands down. I'm lucky my friend was brave enough to drive on the opposite side of the road, though, because I certainly wasn't." -- Jamie S., New York, NY

2. Nashville, Tennessee

"Last June I went to Nashville with my girlfriend to celebrate my 25th birthday. It was the absolute perfect destination for two country music–loving girls. All day, every day is a party in Nashville. We let our hair down and relived our college (okay, high school, too) Bud Light drinking days. The people are super friendly. There's so much good food -- and the live music EVERYWHERE is exactly what we needed for a girls' weekend!" -- Kara M., Hoboken, NJ

3. Santorini, Greece

"Santorini, with its rare beauty and mystical aura, does not disappoint! It is known as the black diamond at the end of a string of pearls. If I had to describe it in one word, I would choose 'magical.' My BFF Lisa and I traveled to Santorini as part of a three-month backpacking trip around Greece. From the time we stepped off the ferry, we were spellbound. This unique island offers something for everybody. In the main town, also named Thira, you can dine on fresh seafood accompanied with a glass of white wine, listen (and dance) to live Greek music, and even boogie down until dawn at a hopping nightclub. For a quieter, more relaxed leg of your trip, there is the small, intimate village of Oia. There is a trail down to the sea where you can sunbathe and jump off black lava rocks right into the deep blue waters of the Aegean. We’d pack a lunch and spend most of the day rejuvenating by exploring the coast, reading and swimming. Santorini is a definite destination for a bucket list and even better if it is with your BFF." -- Jenifer S., Ventura, CA

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4. Las Vegas, Nevada

"I love meeting up in Las Vegas with girlfriends because it's relatively affordable, and there's something for everyone -- including tons of shopping, dining, shows, spa treatments, lounging by the pool, etc. (And day-drinking is generally encouraged.) Another plus for moms trying to get away from it all: There aren't a lot of kids running around making a ruckus." -- Jenny E., San Diego, CA

5. Costa Rica

"I was single and looking for an adventure. My friend just had her third baby and was looking to rejuvenate. I read about a surf and yoga camp in Malpais, Costa Rica, and thought it would be the perfect balance for both of us. We woke up with yoga, hit the surf, then closed the day with yoga. From the quaint hut to amazing local dining, to the gorgeous, untouched beaches, everything encouraged us to refocus and re-energize. It was the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. It was everything I didn't know I needed. The stress just melted away." -- Marci H., Chicago, IL

6. Los Angeles, California

"The most memorable trip I've taken with my best friend is [to] LA. I think every set of besties should go. From the kitsch of the Hollywood Walk of Fame to the chic nightlife -- and the ability to run into celebrities everywhere -- was a blast. West Hollywood, Malibu, Venice, and Santa Monica are only a quick scenic car ride away." -- Emily T.

7. Botswana

"My unforgettable trip with a BFF was safari and glamping in Botswana (in southern Africa). Ironically, my BFF missed her flight because of an airline strike in Europe, so I found myself alone in London waiting for her -- and [was] unable to find her anywhere. When I arrived in Maun, Botswana, I was joined by a pilot with an airplane the size of a Volkswagen with wings. [Even though] my BFF arrived two days later, we still made our way through the Okavango Delta on elephant-back for the remainder of the week. Then we were off to Victoria Falls, where the short runway had a family of baboons waiting to greet us. Our trip was filled with adventure, [and offered] a glimpse of sub-Sahara Africa without another tourist in sight. We shared an adventure to a remote region [that] will always be a lasting memory!" -- Elizabeth A., Washington, DC

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8. New York City

"Last year, my best friend and I went to New York City. We had the best time riding subways and cabs (when lost), going to a few museums, and of course, [catching] a play -- and eating! (We both love to shop and eat.) We would both stop and ask directions and engage people, so no worries if lost -- just lots of laughs! My BFF is an artist, so she is the perfect person for museums. It was so much fun that we are doing it again this year!" -- Haralee W., Portland, OR

9. Alaska

"Alaska is a nature lover's paradise. We took a cruise along the British Columbia/Alaskan coastline, because we wanted a 'different' destination than the typical beach and big city getaways -- and a cruise ship offers both luxury and the ability to see multiple locations. The scenery was breathtaking. [We enjoyed] majestic rain forests, exploring gold rush towns that seemed to be frozen in time, whale watching, deep sea fishing, and rappelling down a cliffside." -- Michelle O., Saskatchewan, Canada

10. New Orleans, Louisiana

"My best friend and I take a trip together almost every year, but the time we spent in New Orleans for my 40th birthday was one of the most memorable. New Orleans is the perfect place for anyone looking to take a BFF trip. Traveling to the Big Easy is like going to a vibrant, 300-year-old city in the heart of America, when you can revel in phenomenal food, music, nightlife, history, or the outdoors -- all in one long weekend. We paraded behind a boisterous band through the French Quarter (with daiquiris in hand!); we spent hours catching up and chatting in a quiet, wisteria-filled courtyard, feeding the birds pieces of bread; we savored some of the best food of our lives -- like BBQ shrimp, fresh red fish, gumbo, and hot beignets (a perfect late-night snack after a night on the town, we discovered). We came home refreshed and with more stories to share!" -- Christine A., Louisiana

11. Nantucket, Massachusetts

"For us, it was always Nantucket. Indulgent, I know, but it's really the perfect place to just be together. You do nothing but just hang out and spend time catching up -- 24 hours a day of talking and tanning and drinking piña coladas really does wonders for a friendship." -- Caroline O., New York, NY

12. Sonoma, California (wine country)

"We're both pretty low-key so we didn't need somewhere with wild nightlife. We tasted wine, ate amazing food, stayed at this adorable hipstery place in Healdsburg (outside of Sonoma), rode bikes past beautiful vineyards, went to the spa. It was a getaway from the craziness of life. So many times, we meet up and we're rushed to get somewhere after or to make a train. It was great being somewhere where we didn't have to stick to a schedule and could just hang out together." -- Elena M., Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY

13. Thailand

"One of the most exotic places we went [to] was the island of Ko Pha Ngan in Thailand. OMG -- [it was] seriously awesome! We stayed at a place with bungalows in the jungle, and actually had to take a boat taxi to get to if from the main village. (Talk about total peace and tranquility.) We got facials, foot massages and regular massages for maybe $10-$20 at the time -- every single day. We had a total blast and relaxed our brains out! -- Lisa B., Santa Monica, CA

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14. Charleston, South Carolina

"It was chosen because it was a good mid-way point between us. (She lived in Florida; I lived in North Carolina [at the time].) Neither of us had ever visited. [The trip] ended up being a great spot [with] lots of great soul food restaurants, historical landmarks, and outdoor activities, including canoeing under mossy cypress trees -- [and] not to mention, a beach! -- Anne M., New York, NY

15. Calistoga, California

"The Indian Springs resort in Calistoga, California, made for THE BEST getaway with my bestie. Although the mud baths kind of freaked us out, the amazing mineral pool more than made up for it. How many hours did we float there between walks to dinner and long sits on our balcony? Just me, her, and nothing-doing. Pure bliss." -- Sheri R., Sacramento, CA


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