Why We Love Our BFFs: 16 Women Gush About Their Besties

FriendsEarlier this year, I got sick. Really sick, to the point where I ended up briefly in the hospital and missed almost a month of work. During that time, my closest friends were amazing. They helped with my kids, brought my family meals, took me to doctors' appointments, and even just held my hand as I cried.


Although they were one of the few bright spots of that difficult time, it made me realize how grateful I am for my friends all the time, not just during emergencies.

I love my husband and kids, but the older I get, the more I realize I need my friends to keep me sane as I navigate life as a wife and a mom. Life is too crazy to not have my ladies to share laughter and tears with.

This post is a love letter to all of the great friends out there. Click on to be reminded why you should probably call your BFF today and tell her you love her.


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