Why We Love Our BFFs: 16 Women Gush About Their Besties

FriendsEarlier this year, I got sick. Really sick, to the point where I ended up briefly in the hospital and missed almost a month of work. During that time, my closest friends were amazing. They helped with my kids, brought my family meals, took me to doctors' appointments, and even just held my hand as I cried.

Although they were one of the few bright spots of that difficult time, it made me realize how grateful I am for my friends all the time, not just during emergencies.

I love my husband and kids, but the older I get, the more I realize I need my friends to keep me sane as I navigate life as a wife and a mom. Life is too crazy to not have my ladies to share laughter and tears with.

This post is a love letter to all of the great friends out there. Click on to be reminded why you should probably call your BFF today and tell her you love her.


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  • Best at Text


    "Between the two of us, my best friend and I have six kids. This means finding time for long phone calls is hard, especially because we have a two-hour time difference. But we text every day and I love getting her funny and sarcastic messages all day long. I also love knowing I can send her a message to vent if I need to. It is like having a therapist in my pocket!" -- Darcie S., Altoona, Iowa

  • So Strong


    "My best friend is such an inspiration to me. She is so strong and so smart ... She gives me great advice and is ALWAYS in my corner understanding exactly what I'm feeling. I love that my best friend is not just a friend but actually my soul sister." -- Nicci S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • He Gets Me


    "He makes me feel like he truly hears and understands me." -- Elizabeth M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Shares My Joy


    "My bestie currently lives overseas and is having this major career moment. I'm staying at home with my two kids. Even though our lives are really different, she still shares my joys. I called her to tell her my son FINALLY pooped on the potty and she was so excited for me. She never acts like her (bigger, more glamorous) life is more valuable than my life." -- Adrian P., Odessa, Texas

  • Laugh Until You Pee


    "She gets my story without me having to tell the backstory. She finishes my sentences and sometimes knows what's best for me before I even know. She gets me, more than anyone else! She loves me unconditionally. She also makes me laugh so hard I snort, pee, or gag." -- Erica S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • The Crew


    "I have a group of very tight girlfriends. We've been through everything together: marriages, divorces, kids, miscarriages, career stuff, you name it. We are far flung now but get together once a year and reconnect. Those weekends are magic. Lots of tears and laughs. They are my tribe." -- Sarah F., Provo, Utah

  • Grace & Love


    "She is humble; a fierce woman, mother and friend; she is always in my corner but is also able to tell me when I am wrong with grace and love. She never has given up on me, even times when I was not so good to her ..." -- Rachel M., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • No Apologies


    "My best friend is someone who can come over at any time and I never feel like I have to apologize for the state of my house. She walks in, gets herself something from the fridge, and doesn't notice the stack of dishes in the sink. I don't have to pretend I have my life together in front of her and vice versa." -- Tammy G., Gilbert, Arizona

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  • No Talking Needed


    "We don't have to talk about who gets to eat what when we share food! We can go hours without saying a word on a road trip and be comfortable listening to the music." -- Elise C., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • The Next Generation


    "Michelle and I have been friends since we were 6 years old and now our kids are growing up as friends. I love all that shared history. I'm not close to my family so she and her crew are my 'framily' and I love her kids like they were my own." -- Mandy B., Rochester, New York

  • Miss Her


    "I'm sad she doesn't live here, but what I appreciate most is that we have been friends since we were 6. We've experienced loss and love and loss of that. We are very different but the unconditional love is there." -- Jen D., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Cared for Me


    "I've been fighting cancer for three years and my BFF has been with me every step of the way. She has been a rock and has taken care of me and my family. If I lose this fight, I know she will be a mom to my kids. She is my soul mate." -- Sharon A., Memphis, Tennessee

  • Old Friends & New


    "I love that as we've grown older and settled into our adult lives, we've both met new friends. Some have become close. But that doesn't threaten the relationship we have." -- Tracy R., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Thick & Thin


    "My closest friends have been with me through thick and thin. They were my sorority sisters, my bridesmaids, godmothers to my kids, and there to help me pick up the pieces when I went through a nasty divorce. I'm so blessed." -- April G., Indianola, Iowa

  • Long History


    "We have been such strong support for each other and have a long history of fun and difficult times together. There is nothing not to love. She is a very kind and wonderful person. I feel safe with her. We listen to each other. Our friendship is a 27-year-long conversation." -- Dina W., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

  • Silly Fun


    "She gives me unconditional love, support, and honesty. Comfort. History. She's my role model for parenting, cooking, having an amazing house, traveling, working hard, and enjoying life. She's silly, she's fun, she loves my children and my husband. She's basically my sister." -- Anna J., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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