11 Reasons Why Trying to Make New Friends After College Totally Blows

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Finding a long-lasting friendship can sometimes be just as hard as finding a soul mate -- and we all know how real that struggle is. This is why people who've been able to keep childhood and school buddies are so damn lucky. Sadly, this Beverly Hills, 90210 kind of situation doesn't happen all the time ... which means you gotta go and get some new friends.


(Not looking forward to it? We feel ya.)

Here are some reasons why trying to find a best friend forever after your days in college just flat-out sucks.

1. Now that you're grown, you don't want folks all up in your business.

Back in the day, you were considered cool -- and super likable -- if you had a long list of friends. Now, you're trying to cut back on the amount of people you allow in your inner circle. There's nothing wrong with being extra careful about who you let know your business. (Not everyone has your best interest at heart.)

2. You have this thing called a career now.

Remember the good ol' days when all you had to do was go to class and get decent grades? Once you graduate, you have to deal with this little thing called a career, which is guaranteed to take up most of your time each week.

3. You've got bills, bills, and more bills.

Sorry, but the bank of Mom and Dad is officially closed for business. No more calling home and asking for a few bucks because you blew through your monthly budget. (Yup, that's pretty much over now.) You have rent, a car note, a phone bill, utilities, and other fancy envelopes that come to your home each month that require money.

4. Meeting new friends requires leaving the house.

 ... And showering, finding something to wear, and doing your makeup. Why go through all of that when you can just grab a box of cookies and binge-watch a show? Yup, going out isn't happening today.

5. ... And it takes money.

When you were in college, all you had to do was walk outside your dorm room before you saw a flyer for some planned event or mixer. Nowadays, certain networking groups require a membership fee -- which usually means you need to open up your wallet. Heck, even Meetup groups are charging folks who want to come together for the sake of friendship.

6. It's weird getting "set up" like you're on some blind date.

Have you ever "gone out" with a total stranger because someone you know also knows said stranger and thought you two would quickly become BFFs? Yeah, just wait. #Awkward

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7. You really can't help but feel like you're a charity case.

You can't fault people for trying to help you make friends. That doesn't mean that their obvious attempts -- including telling others, "Hey, you two might be good buds, and she needs one" -- feel wonderful.

8. You're in a real LTR.

You see, when you were in school, you might've been more willing to dump the person you were with, should he or she not get along with your friends. But now that you're older, you aren't as willing to throw away your S.O. -- 'cause you know how much time and energy it took to land such an amazing catch. This means if any new friends can't like or tolerate your special someone, bye Felicia!

9. You have kids, and that reality alone makes you pickier.

When you become a mom, it's almost impossible to not be leery of the people in your life. Not only do you have to think about potential friends who would be positive additions to your life, but you also need to figure out how they feel about kids -- and whether or not you want yours around them.

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10. You can't hang ... as much.

The days of partying every weekend and staying up late are pretty much over. You can barely find the energy to turn up, let alone keep your eyes open to mingle with new people.  

11. The reality of needing to make new friends makes you feel like a loser.

The more you think about it, the thought of needing friends -- because you're no longer friendly or in touch with past buds -- kinda makes you ... sad. How come other people are able to do it and you can't? Why did you end up with such bad luck? The amount of questions you'll ask yourself really are endless.

Hopefully your journey to making a new friend won't be as bumpy ... or cost you a small fortune. If not, there's always a puppy, a cat, or a new plant. (Kidding, you'll be fine.)



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