10 Cool New Gym Concepts That Will Make You Forget You're Working Out

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Gym is bae -- or so you want it to be, but sometimes he's it's so difficult. What do you do? Get yourself a fun one. That may seem impossible, but after the launch of Asphalt Green, a New York fitness center's new arcade-like renovations, we're finding that it's actually not all that difficult to find a gym that makes working out ... fun. 


In fact, we believe it to be so true that we dug around and found the most "funderful" classes around. That said, here are 10 classes that you'll lose your mind over (in a good way, of course).

1. Arcade Style 

Asphalt Green just launched its AG6 Course (the name sounds all James Bond-y) and it's set up kind of like a huge game of Dance Dance Revolution, in the way it lights up with your touch. With this fun-filled class, you can bring the arcade to the gym. 


2. Hip-Hop Spin

I know I've been to spin class before -- and left confused and disoriented by the awful music! This Cycle Class that KTX offers is perfect for those who don't like to take it as far as a hip-hop dance class, but would rather spin to a genre other than "unknown" (it could just be my deep hatred for their selection of tracks). Nonetheless, this is your class; you can't go wrong with an instructor who chooses Beyonce to roll to. 

3. Pole Aerobics

No matter how long pole dancing is around, it's a fun classic. The best kind of multitasking comes in the form of learning how to make the bedroom hotter -- while also getting the hot summer bod. Thanks to Pole Dance Fitness classes at Flirty Girl Fitness, it's so possible. 

4. Team Cycling

The green team's feeling extra lucky (and thirsty) tonight. Hydrate responsibly, team. #stpatricksday #SWERVEon

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This gym brings laser tag vibes with its lighting and team dynamic. Yep, at Swerve, it's all about competition and Team Cycling, and at the end, there's only one victorious team. Will it be yours?

5. Twerk It Out

While twerking was a thing before Miley, she has certainly brought more diversity and interest to the trend. That said, Ripley-Grier Studios offers an intense course in Twerk Aerobics, and it's waaay tougher than you imagined. Twerking, in and of itself, is pretty intense, but I wasn't sure how one could turn it into a full workout -- until I saw this. Someone sign me up!

6. Wine + Fitness 

Uplift Studios offers a variety of classes, from strength training to sculpting class. But on Fridays they offer Happy Hour classes, and they're exactly what they sound like -- body building and booze afterward (well, a glass of wine, at least). This is the best incentive for choosing your workout over going home and just giving up on life with Netflix (or is that just me?) -- or it's the pregame you need, so you're already one glass in when you meet up with your pals. 

7. Jump Zone for Adults

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Some of my best exercise as a child took place on a trampoline, and Jump Life understands this by offering JumpGym classes. Use a personal trampoline to do low-impact cardio and strength training workout for 45 minutes. But my theory? You'll probably forget, you know, because you're having so much fun bouncing around and whatnot. 
8. P.E. Kind of Fitness

Core 101-ing. New one tomorrow! #Core101

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Throwback Fitness works with the nostalgia you have for middle school P.E. class with Throwback. It's a super-fun course that incorporates conditioning into retro activities such as Dodge Ball, Capture the Flag, and even Flip Cup while listening to your favorite tunes from the '80s.

9. Defy the Laws of Gravity

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The anti-gravity fitness classes at Anya offer you the challenge of many classes from the comfort of a hammock. If barre is your thing, the Anti-Gravity Air Barre Class is definitely something you'll want to try -- grasp dance techniques and condition your bod, all while hovering in the air. If you ever dreamt of flying, here's one of the few ways it's going to happen -- outside of an airplane.

10. Surf-Sail It Out

For those who enjoy nature and being on the water, Paddle Into Fitness incorporates both aspects with their SUP Yoga classes (Paddleboard Yoga). It seems a bit intense, but hey, what better way to up your balance game than by doing yoga on a floating paddle board?

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