13 Women Openly Loving on Their Bodies, Extra Pounds & All

13 Women Openly Loving on Their Bodies, Extra Pounds & All

woman floating pool bikiniI am many things. I'm a good mom, a loving wife, and a loyal friend. I'm also heavier than I would like to be. Like a lot of women, my body has changed for the bigger, following kids and a busy life. Although sometimes I wish I had my pre-kids body back, I'm also actively working on loving the shape I'm in now.

I know I'm not alone in the process of accepting and feeling good with some extra weight, so I love these stories of women who are totally owning their awesomeness, at any size.

Some days it is easier than others to feel okay about my extra pounds. So, I've decided that I'm totally going to bookmark this post so I can come back and read it on the hard days. Body positivity for the win!


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  • Love Their Curves


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    "It has taken a long time to be okay with my body. I still have some work to do, but I am getting there. I know my husband thinks I am beautiful and loves my curves. My daughters think I am beautiful too and that has always been a battle, to not project my body issues to them. I have girls with curves that love their curves and I take pride in their pride and am starting to see the beauty in mine too. I will never be a teeny tiny size 8 or even 10 and that is fine. I am pretty healthy and working to get my cholesterol lower. I may lose some weight doing that, I may not. As long as I am healthy and happy, the rest doesn't matter." -- Emily S., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • A Comfortable Place



    "I am four months postpartum and I have an extra 20 pounds on. I love that my belly works as a 'seat' for carrying my growing boy, even if I don't love the way it looks.

    I have been a competitive athlete and lean machine my whole life, so having the extra weight has been a weird and difficult adjustment. But I'm glad that my body is a soft, comfortable place for my baby to rest, even if my thighs look like sausages in my yoga pants." -- Elise C., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Love Yourself



    "Sister, I am LOVING myself this week! I had a colleague say to me, 'Sarah -- what can I do about this spare tire around my middle?'

    I said, 'Well, you have two choices: 1) diet yourself into submission or 2) love it and hug it and embrace it as a lovely part of you!'

    She said, 'I'm going to do the latter.' Yes!" -- Sarah T., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Life Is Long



    "Sometimes I think about my mom, who was on a diet every day of her life. She died at the age of 81, still trying to lose a few pounds. This struck me as terribly sad. Life is too long (and too short) to worry about my weight every day. I could thinner, but I choose not to make that the central desire of my life." -- Hillary R., Denver, Colorado

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  • Chubby Years


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    "We decided to have our kids pretty close in age, so I feel like I'm in my chubby years right now. I've either been pregnant, nursing, or trying to get pregnant every day for the last five years. I'm growing people over here! Who has time to worry about my extra 15 pounds?" -- Laurel G., Flagstaff, Arizona

  • Grateful Pounds


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    "I look at the precious little bodies that brought me the 10 pounds (thanks, fertility meds!), and I am more than happy to embrace them. I want my children to see me making healthy choices and having a happy life, so I eat well and exercise -- but also enjoy wine with dinner and ice cream too because I don't want them to get any message that outsides matter more than joy because I don't buy that either." -- Jessica H., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Body Works


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    "After seeing my mom go through joint replacement and then a surgical error that resulted in a broken leg, I'm cool with my extra 10 (okay, 20). Because, my body works! It allows me to take walks! To hug my kids! To laugh!" -- Katie H., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Fun Weight


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    "The pounds I've gained are fun pounds. I've gained them whilst having fun: eating yummy stuff, drinking the good drinks, all while hanging out and relaxing. I wouldn't want to take those fun moments away. I try my hardest to look at it this way as much as possible -- doesn't always work but I try!" -- Virginia R., Zeeland, Michigan

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  • Bodies Come in All Sizes


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    "As a mom of daughters, I feel like it is really important that they grow up knowing that bodies come in all shapes and sizes. I really want to be a good role model for them, so I only say nice things about myself and my body. And you know what? After years of saying nice things about myself, I finally believe them!" -- Jules W., Thousand Oaks, California

  • Save the Hips!


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    "I'm pretty sure if I lost 10 lbs, it would all come from my boobs and hips, leaving me with just a flabby belly. I'll take the extra weight to balance things out a bit." -- Leslie B., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Breastfeeding & Ice Cream


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    "I'm breastfeeding. My extra weight holds fat that feeds my bub and help brain development. It represents ice cream dates with my son and fun dinners out with my husband. It may change, it may not, it doesn't define me." -- Laura W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • I Don't Care


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    "I can honestly say that at this point in my life, I truly don't give a f***.

    This body gave me a beautiful, healthy baby at two months short of 40, with a truly exhilarating delivery when I had been so fearful she'd get stuck. I haven't slept through the night in over 15 months, yet my body has figured out how to allow me to to nourish and care for her every single day of her little life. My baby smiles when she sees me and comes to me for comfort. My 4.5-year-old nephew still runs and jumps into my arms when he sees me, and my body allows me to swing him up easily.

    My husband and I talk about our size/shape openly and without gloss or shame, mostly with a sense of humor. When I stand in front of him or the mirror and exaggeratedly stick my belly out and say, 'How did I get so fat?,' a lot of times he'll look over disinterestedly and say, 'Because you ate too much.' It cracks me up every single time. I like being with someone who sees my flaws and doesn't mind." -- Jennifer D., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Content


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    "I was 10 pounds thinner a few years ago. It was the result of extreme stress and so much negativity in my life. Things are a whole lot better now! My 10 pounds are fine with me!" -- Cathy H., Phoenix, Arizona

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