14 Ways Making a New Friend Is Just Like Dating

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Do you have a special someone in your life you consider a best friend forever? (If the answer is yes, think of yourself as one lucky gal.) Hopefully there's still room on your friendship roster for another squad member. Just know that searching for him or her can often look a lot like dating. No, seriously.


We're not saying we're psychic ... but, there's a pretty good chance you did a few of these things in order to get your new bestie.

1.) Draft a BFF wish list.

Admit it, there are a few qualities you hope your future buddy will have. And maybe you have fantasized a little (oh, all the laughs you will share and the trips you will take ... ) and even put a few of them to paper.

2.) Resort to friend-finder help.

Hey, there's nothing wrong with using the Internet to find relationships. (Online dating is now a big thing.) You join a Meetup group or an organization that has a ton of social outings. Your new bestie might just be one click away.

3.) Finally muster up the courage to attend a happy hour or social by yourself, find someone who looks like a potential BFF, but totally get nervous when you try to approach him/her -- and chicken out.

Hey, it's not as easy as it looks.

4.) Agree to being "set up" by friends who think one of their friends will be your friend.

Sure, what's the worst that could happen?

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5.) Try your best to get over the awkward first encounter.

No matter how excited you are at the potential of having a BFF, you try your best to keep your composure. Maybe it will work out, and maybe it won't.

6.) Go through all the fun, enthusiastic manners of getting to know someone: texting, emailing, calling ... and waiting for a response.

You don't want to be too forward, but you don't want to look like you don't care.

7.) Revel in the joys of the honeymoon phase.

Right now, your new friend can do no wrong in your eyes. She is cool, relatable, and all sorts of awesome. Because you two instantly hit it off, you're practically inseparable.

8.) Meet the rest of the squad -- including your friend's family.

Oh, if you make it to this point, you're now in the inner circle.


9.) Have your first fight.

It's bad -- really bad.

10.) And thus, break up as friends (for the first time).

Oh, hell nah. How could your supposed BFF do this to you? Betrayal cuts deep, but you won't let 'em see you sweat.

11.) Go through the feels of losing your best friend that include sobbing and secretly looking at (and scoffing at) his or her Facebook while stuffing your face with ice cream on a Friday night as you watch Beaches ... or Mean Girls.

12.) Try to act unfazed by how things went down, but can't stop thinking about your buddy.

It's not like you don't try to hang out with other people. You can, it's just not the same ...

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13.) Decide to talk things out and reconcile.

After all, you two invested so much in each other. Why throw it all away?

14.) Fall into place and move forward.

All friends are bound to go through their ups and downs. Thankfully you two made it through this trial and are stronger than ever.

The years might pass, but your friendship will (hopefully) withstand the test of time. Soon, you'll be able to look back on all the memories you and your bestie had, while wondering to yourself where the time went.

In case ya didn't know: Time flies when you're having fun.

Enjoy your new bestie!


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