Keep Your Hands Warm


Warm gloves by 180

The weather outside has been frightful. We've had daytime temperatures in the 20s in New Jersey.

Aside from our driveway that iced over before I got the chance to shovel and salt it, my biggest complaint is my cold hands.

I can't zip up my kids' coats, answer my cell phone or play with my iPod with my bulky gloves on. When I take them off, my fingers freeze.

I'm not going to die, obviously, but cold hands are annoying. I got excited to read about gloves that let you do lots of things while also keeping your hands warm.


Here are some new, high tech warm gloves from a reviewer at Real Simple:


Girl 32 gloves

The incredibly warm yet still stylish "Tec Touch" line of 180 gloves have a small nub on both the thumb and forefinger, perfect for manipulating an MP3 player's click wheel or pressing itty-bitty cell phone buttons without jamming two keys at once or otherwise misfiring. Cost: $40

For iPhone addicts, the knit Dots Gloves somehow manage to mimic your skin's surface, with a small black dot on each digit. This will allow you to use the touch screen just like you'd do sans gloves. Also great for using an ATM or any other touch screen kiosk without having to take your gloves on and off. Cost: $15

Another great pair that work with touch screens: Tavo Gloves. Cost: $29.99

Finally, a great choice for texting while keeping your hands toasty are the seriously cute knit gloves from Girl 32, which allow you to just flip off the tip of the thumb and pointer, which keeps the other six (or eight, depending on how many fingers you need to text) warm while you're tapping away. Cost: $20

Hopefully, I can catch these gloves on sale after Christmas. I can't spend too much because I lose them so often.

How often do you lose your mittens?

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