9 Period Delivery Services to Help 'Aunt Flo' Chill TF Out

PMS bites

Every month, we're forced to greet Aunt Flo -- but until recently, there's been no incentive to give that b*tch a warm welcome. So what could've possibly changed our general attitude toward the lady in red who has ruined a good week or so of every month since childhood? Well, we've discovered a bunch of delivery services that cater to women on their periods, as well as to the crazy emotional baggage and pain that comes along with 'em.



So now you can be ready prior to her visit by enlisting the help of these companies. 

Here are nine services that allow you to stay snuggled up in bed while they do all the heavy lifting -- from chocolate to period panties.

1. Monthly Gift

The Monthly Gift offers an app that tracks your period, and, along with your subscription, it takes the initiative to send you products based on the dates tracked in the app. You've got your choice of 36 tampons, liners, pads, or a mixture -- oh, and chocolate (yum). 

2. Le Parcel

Ooh-la-la, Le Parcel isn't stingy at all -- you get 25 blood tarps of your choice (whatever you use to catch the flo), gluten-free truffles, and a mysterious gift (because who doesn't love a good surprise?). 

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3. Period for Good

Subscribe to Period for Good and pick your products and a charity, because 25 percent of your money goes to one of the offered charities. And, it allows you to choose from different brands -- a bonus in our book. 

4. The PMS Package

What comes in The PMS Package? Mostly nothing but good candy, and seriously, who could be mad at that? Although, we do find the Altoids to be a weird touch. However, there are no actual products for your period in this package -- it's very true to its name. 

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5. PMS Bites

This service gets right to the point: none of the pads and tampon business, just straight chocolate -- vegan chocolate PMS Bites

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6. The Period Store

Unlike many of the other services, The Period Store is a full-service stop that allows you to add panties, herbal remedies, and other fun things in your goodie bag, in addition to your choice of period products (it even has cups and organic products).

7. Cora

Do au naturel au chic and give to a cause with Cora. It offers 100 percent cotton tampons that come in super stylish casing, but above all it partners with social organizations and manufactures products in the villages of India -- employing the women there and helping their economy continue to flow. 

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8. Hello Flo

This Hello Flo service offers a plethora of boxes for you to select from, so whether you're new to the club or you've been in for longer than you can count, there's something for you.

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9. LOLA 

Polyester has never been in good taste and LOLA knows that, which is why they offer 100 percent cotton tampons. Each month your box comes with a variety of 18 tampons -- for the light, regular, and super. 

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