Do You Fool Yourself About Healthy Eating?


diet foodI've been in restaurants a lot this week because our dishwasher broke. It's really not that hard to hand-wash dishes--but things have been so hectic lately. That's my excuse.

Yesterday, in a fast food chain, I heard a 20-something woman say to another person: "I ate a banana today, so I can have the combo meal with a shake, right?"

Trading off healthy items for unhealthy ones isn't really how good eating habits work, but we've all done it.

It reminded me of a recent story in the New York Times that said Americans live in a dream eating world. They called the phenomenon a health halo.

One French researcher asked: Why have Americans paid more attention to eating healthily, but they have kept getting fatter and fatter? His findings:

  • Americans thought there were less calories in a big meal when that meal was served with a diet item like low-calorie cookies.
  • When the big meal was alone, they assumed it had more calories.
  • They’ve found that all of us, even professional dietitians, make systematic mistakes when estimating how many calories are on a plate.
  • This researcher believes it's because American restaurants and food makers sell us on diet items, and overdoing it on diet items is not good either.
  • He thinks we obsess about "good" eating versus "bad" eating too much.

Along the same lines, one CafeMom recently asked Do you have an addiction to fast food? This week, I guess I do.

What do you think? I think I've been guilty. Have you ever fooled yourself and thought if you eat one healthy thing (say carrots) then you can have another (like French fries)?

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Liz_24 Liz_24

LOL! That's about the entire basis of my diet. I guess we Americans like to believe what we want to believe...

Pinkyj24 Pinkyj24

and sadly thats the way i think! i eat soooo healthy for breakfast and lunch then at dinner i'm like ok fast food time! lol but i'm working on it!

Azure Azure

Nope! *hides the pecan pie behind the bag of apples* :D

jcsmummy jcsmummy

nope. if i want something quick i go to the grocery around the corner, and they have the best chicken ceasar salad. its the only thing ive changed in my diet, and it has helped so much. i dont like the taste of fast food. i think ive become 'unaccustomed' to it.

Andre... AndreaRUJuiced

healthy all the way - if we eat fast food it is rotisserie chicken or similar from the local grocery store - still on the fence just how healthy Panda Express is, it is my one weakness... most meals are prepared at home and snacks are carries so we don't stop at fast foods places. and Diet stuff - don't even get me started - HORRIBLE for the body

cmari... cmarielin

Oh yeah. It's been my problem all year, especially since I started school and have been under so much stress!  LOL  I think that by eating a good breakfast and lunch, I can afford to splurge on Jack-In-The-Box tacos on the way home from school.  My thighs are telling me otherwise now.....

Jorda... Jordanplustwo

I can be bad about that, I watch what I eat and then attack the fast food... like today I ate good during the day, but DH brought home arby's. only a beef and cheddar and a four peice potato cake... only ate half, and I had a bottle of water with it. so i didn't eat a lot. and arby's beef is actually really healthy, i worked there LOL

Danni... Dannimomofthree

I'm guilty of the "well I worked out extra so I deserve a treat".... :(

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