15 Filthy Habits to Ditch at the Office

dirty habits of coworkers Let's be honest: No one wants to work in a germ-filled, cluttered environment. But as hard as you try to lead by example, you may still find a coworker or two doing some unsavory things when they think no one is watching. 


Alan Kohll, founder and president of health and wellness services provider TotalWellness, believes that "creating a good work environment that's clean and uncluttered will get more productivity out of everybody."

It makes sense, right? If no one's leaving dirty tissues scattered about, there'll be fewer illnesses spreading, which means fewer sick days for all. 

Inspired by his suggestions for keeping the office as healthy as possible, we've put together a list of gross habits you may want to eliminate in the name of being a good coworker.

1. Don't leave your exploded baked potato remnants inside the microwave even if no one saw it happen.

2. Don't sneeze on your neighbor's keyboard while she's at lunch and then just walk away. (Maybe she'll think the ceiling's leaking. Yeah, that's it.)

3. Don't fix your hair a lot in the bathroom mirror and think we don't know you're avoiding washing your hands ...

4. ... and definitely DON'T use the door handle to leave if you're not going to wash them! (Use your foot, a plastic fork, whatever.)

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5. Don't clip your nails (or, worse, toenails) at work and allow them to go careening over the cubicle walls and onto your neighbor's desk.

6. Don't borrow your coworker's hairbrush while she's in a meeting just because that hot UPS guy is coming at 4 p.m. (Ditto lipstick.)

7. Don't bring in those stale cupcakes that even your hungriest kid won't eat and pretend they're freshly baked.

8. Don't use your coworker's phone with a cold and "forget" to wipe it down.

9. Don't leave that lentil salad in the fridge because "someone will eat it." NO ONE is going to eat that.

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10. Don't open the fridge door with ketchup and french fry grease all over your hands and then blame it on Bob from accounting.

11. Don't eat that fish and egg salad sandwich at your desk. At least confine yourself and your smells to the lunchroom.

12. Don't saunter into the restroom with a newspaper or tablet in hand, advertising that you'll be "gone awhile."

13. And don't use all the toilet paper without replacing it!

14. Don't sweat all over the fitness center treadmill and hope someone else will "deal with it" just because you have a conference call.

15. Don't even think about skipping that post-workout shower, either!



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