The Perfect Friendship: A Pie Chart Based on What's Actually Important

When my mom and my aunt were in high school, my aunt broke both her arms. It was a whole thing that came with a bunch of challenges, but what it really came down to was this: My aunt could not wipe herself when she pooped. So my mom did it for her. And if that's not friendship and eternal love, I don't know what is.


Everyone needs a best friend who would, in dire circumstances, take them to the bathroom and help them use it. That just needs to be part of who they are. 

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What else is in a friendship? What are the parts that compose the whole?

In broad terms, a piece of it has to be shared history and another piece has to be shared interests. There has to be a part set aside for things to talk about and another for time in which to talk about them.

But we all know it's more complicated than that. My friendships, for example, must be in part made up of shared phone chargers. My phone dies a lot, okay? That's important to me.

So what else?

Ah, friendship. What a beautiful thing. 


Image via Caroline Olney

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