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11 Women on Learning to Make Peace With Their Stretch Marks

stretch marksI was once watching an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that featured Kim freaking out about the prospect of a pregnant Kourtney getting a teeny-tiny stretch mark. I couldn't help but think that Kim would have a total meltdown if she ever faced stretch marks like mine.

Like a lot of women I know, I got my first stretch marks during puberty and then some additional stripes with each pregnancy. If I'm being honest, they aren't my favorite part of my body. I'm working on feeling at peace about them, though, especially since they aren't going anywhere.

I'm not the only one trying to be at peace with my tiger stripes. Read on for more real talk from other women who've figured out how to love themselves, scars and all.


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1Normal Thing

"I'm okay with my stretch marks -- most of them aren't even from pregnancy; they just seem to show up over the years. I've seen even tiny skinny women with stretch marks, so that makes me feel like no matter your size or shape they're just a normal part of life." -- Molly O., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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2Big Deal

"So what if I'll never rock a two-piece swimsuit again? My body has changed in a lot of ways since I had four kids, and stretch marks are just a part of it. As I've grown older, I realize that what I look like is a lot less important than who I am." -- Nancy J., Palo Alto, California

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3Strength Marks

"Excuse me, I don't know what you are talking about -- I don't know what 'stretch marks' are. I DO have many 'strength marks' though. And yes, I am at peace with those. Life is too short to give a crap!" -- Larina V., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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4Worth It

"I struggled for YEARS with infertility before I finally got pregnant with my son. And now I'm pregnant again and I will take every stretch mark that comes with it. It is so worth it to finally have babies." -- Jessa C., Deming, New Mexico

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5No Time for That

"My hips and butt are covered in them (and cellulite; thanks, genetics!). It normally doesn't bother me, but on occasion I find myself comparing to other ladies of similar age who are stretch mark and/or cellulite free. I definitely don't dwell on it, though. Ain't nobody got time for that." -- Brooklyn P., Evansville, Indiana


6No More Cover Up

"I had stretch marks as a teenager on my thighs and arms. As a result, I wore jeans every day. Every. Single. Day. And never wore tank tops. I was big and the stretch marks just announced that even more. Hated them.

Now, at the wise age of 35, I'm at peace with them. The stretch marks I got from my babies are no big deal at all. I knew I'd get them, and they weren't as bad as I expected." -- Rebecca W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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7Mark of Strength

"One thing I like about stretch marks is that they are like scars -- they show what you have survived. Show strength in a lot of ways. But screw the muffin top! That I could live without." -- Susie T., Tucson, Arizona

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8For My Babies

"I have some and don't mind them. Border on proud of them because I'm proud of having carried three amazing humans. My belly button, which used to be super super wide open, now has a little cap thing on it. Again -- for my babies, anything!" -- Rachelle W., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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9Role Model

"I got stretch marks from carrying my daughters. Now I want to make sure I am a good role model for them. Part of that is working on being strong and healthy and part of that is being kind to myself and not hating any part of my body. I want them to love themselves, so I need to show that I love myself." -- Kari S., Pella, Iowa

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10Tank Top Goals

"Mine (from puberty on, on almost every inch of my body) used to bother me SO MUCH. But now I feel like if someone doesn't like me because I have stretch marks here or there, then I probably don't want to be friends with them anyway. That said, I'm working on being comfortable in clothing that shows them, especially the ones on my arms. Goal this summer: wear a tank top." -- Tracy R., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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11Still Trying

"I try but I cannot embrace them fully. Before twins, I rocked a bikini regardless of size. My full-term twins did some crazy things to my stomach. I do not mind the ones on my thighs and breasts though, just the stomach. I was ginormous with my twins. But on the flip side, I would not change having healthy full-term twins in exchange for my pre-preggo belly." -- Jenni P., Tucson, Arizona

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