9 Reasons to Start a Fro-Mance With Your 'Down There' Hair

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I remember the shame I felt when I got to high school and found that so many of my peers were shaving. This shame was exponentially increased by my being on the cheer team; I was always having to use my pom or megaphone to cover up the fact that I hadn't tamed my lady tresses. 


Then, one day, I dared to shave -- and by God, did I regret it. I was certain that my near-virgin vagina had encountered some kind of disease, because the burning sensation felt like Hell relocated to my panties, while Satan used his smoldering pitchfork to intensify the pain.

After that I held on to my pro-fro pledge for a bit longer, before opening up to friends and Google to learn a better way than whatever nonsense I'd done before. Later, in college, I went on to more extreme methods like Nair and waxing.

But, as I've gotten older, I've found that having the occasional fro-mance has its upsides.

(NO, really).

What exactly might they be? Well, look no further -- here are 9 top-notch reasons to welcome nothing but growth every now and then.

1. If you're anti-sex ... for whatever reason.

To be honest, when I'm sexually active with someone other than myself, I prefer little to no hair. But, now that I'm on a self-declared break, this is the best way to avoid falling back into bed with bad habits. Chances are they've seen the fro, but you always want to look your absolute best where exes are involved. So a little fro-grow helps ward off any regretful setbacks, right?

2. Decrease chances of STD. 

Apparently, keeping an overly groomed patch can cause a "deficiency in the mucocutaneous barrier" that makes STI transmission easier. And let's not even get on the topic of hot wax, which may or may not have been melting on someone else's vagina 15 minutes before your appointment. 

3. With hair (and condoms, of course), you can't go wrong.

Above annoying the hell out of you, your pubic hair is there to protect you from bacteria and abrasions. Waxing and or shaving opens you up to the possibility of staph infections -- and I think we can all agree: That's no fun.

5. Waxing leaves "boo-boos."

The same little nicks your hair is there to protect you from? Yeah those! Well, waxing and shaving cause them. But, even worse, the wax can lead to burns, and I think it's safe to say that no one should go out seeking burns in any shape or form.

6. No "5 o'clock" shadow means no painful stubble.

Need I say more on this?

7. You can't deep condition and dye skin.

As far as jazzing up your vagina goes: I'm not saying you should, and I'm not saying you shouldn't, either. But, Coochy Shaving Cream and Conditioner ($20, Pure Romance.com) is a must and it would be a waste without hair to use it on.

8. Why the f-ck not?

If men get "No shave November," I'm entitled to a month or two to just go crazy caveman. Do I need a reason? If so, I hope my laziness is enough to justify it for anyone asking. 

Furthermore, this leads me to my next point!

9. It's like daylight savings.

Or, the part of daylight savings we like the most, that is -- add an hour! When you opt out of shaving or waxing, that's literally an extra hour that you get to sit and binge-watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix. I swear, it's the truth, any way you cut it. If you wax, add in commute time -- bam! That's an hour. And, shaving (think about those little crevices) is an hour all alone. This sh-t is literally a chore; I'm tired and I don't always want to do it. Big deal! 

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