Life With Anxiety & Depression Captured Perfectly in Sweet, Funny Illustrations

gemma correllThey say laughter is the best medicine, and that might be particularly true when the ailment in question is depression and/or anxiety. That's what makes British illustrator Gemma Correll's unbelievably endearing comics so inspiring: As someone who suffers from clinical depression and anxiety herself, she created the drawings because she's found that looking at the comical side of life is the best way to cope with her feelings.

"I honestly think that humor can be a savior at times of distress or if you just live with a constant level of anxiety and depression like I do," Correll told Mashable.

We absolutely agree! Check out our slideshow for some of Correll's most poignant pieces -- and visit her website to see more of her work!


All images courtesy Gemma Correll

  • Good Job!


    Image via Gemma Correll

    Who can forget the soul-soothing validation of a happy-faced sticker on the top of a homework assignment? If only adults could get the same adorable affirmations on a daily basis!

  • The Less-Than-Happiest Place on Earth


    Image via Gemma Correll

    "If you have the energy to get out of bed," indeed! For anyone who's ever suffered from anxiety and/or depression, this one is so hilarious it flat-out hurts. (And no, going gluten-free won't help!)

  • Staying in Tonight, Thanks Anyway


    Image via Gemma Correll

    Sometimes when you're feeling low, the best course of action is to hop aboard the "Railroad of Cancelled Plans" to "Alone Time Lake" for some much needed solitary reflection!

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  • Snow White & the Seven Trolls


    Image via Gemma Correll

    You know what's great for someone's self-esteem? Here's one thing that's not: Cruel, sexist online comments. Love how this drawing highlights how ridiculous trolls really are!

  • All My Friends Have Fur


    Image via Gemma Correll

    Party people in the house say, I'll just be over here in the corner hanging out with your pet so I don't have to actually interact with human beings, don't mind me!

  • The Horror ... the Horror!


    Image via Gemma Correll

    Glad to know we're not the only ones who get chills down our spines when the phone actually rings. Talking out loud is highly overrated!

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  • Under Attack


    Image via Gemma Correll

    Even though this comic strip is painfully funny, panic attacks are no joke. Correll captures the phases of an attack perfectly (and adorably!).

  • Security Slanket


    Image via Gemma Correll

    If depression had a uniform, this would definitely be it! In place of the old cat T-shirt, old cartoon character T-shirts and free promotional T-shirts from your bank are also acceptable.

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