16 Signs Your Mom Friend Is Your #Fitspo Wingwoman

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Working out can be a pain in the butt! (Literally, if you're doing squats.) Not only do you have to peel yourself off the comforts of your couch to get sweaty, but, as a mom, you also need to find the time to exercise -- and that can take twice as much effort. This is why you shouldn't work out alone. You, Mom, need to find your #Fitspo Wingwoman -- whether she's one amazing mom friend or you have an entire cavalry of them -- who will love, help, and support you while you get the job done.


Team work makes the dream work.

So, before you trot off in your new outfit and kicks (make sure to pull off the tags), make sure you bring on the mom who ...

1. Calls your phone nonstop to make sure you get up for 5 a.m. boot camp. If need be, she pulls a drive-by to scoop you up.

2. Gently reminds you that skipping the gym means no utilizing the facility's childcare ... yeah, get your shoes, girl, and let's go.

3. Leads the exercise charge by signing you up for an intense group fitness class. Hey, if you survived labor and delivery, this should be a walk in the park, right?

4. Has a fully stocked diaper bag full of wipes, snacks, and bandages to get you through the session.

5. Talks your ear off during the entire workout -- making it go by faster. (Keep the distractions coming!)

6. Has no shame throwing up signs in the middle of class to tell you your breasts are leaving ring marks on your tank top. #RealitiesofBreastfeeding

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7. Promises a glass of wine at her house if you can complete your jog/run on the treadmill. An entire bottle if you do it without stopping.

8. Has no shame googling workout equipment and how to properly use it. (Moms are resourceful.)

9. Gives you the Jillian Michaels pep talk to make you work harder. "Don't you quit! Don't you quit! You're a mom, a badass one at that!"

10. Doesn't laugh or judge you because you can't touch your toes. You'll get there. Nama-stay the course, Mom.

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11. Reminds you to channel your Lamaze breathing when the workout gets tough. Ain't nothing wrong with a little grunting.

12. Pulls your pants up in yoga so your downward-facing dog doesn't show your thong. Also wakes you up just when you're about to snore in corpse pose.

13. Gives you that much-needed pep talk at the right time. "Girl, you're doing great! Don't think Jennifer Lopez just stepped back on the treadmill after she gave birth. You don't even have a trainer."

14. Encourages you to embrace your bod and let loose.


15. Never gets tired of your talking about your kids and lets you share the woes and realities you might be too afraid to admit when you're not light-headed from 37 burpees. 

16. Inspires you to be a better version of yourself. Not only is she amazeballs in the gym, but she also kicks ass raising her kids. Iron sharpens iron, so never be afraid to spend extra time with moms who push you to thrive.



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