6 Tips for Eating Healthy this Christmas

pieA regular feast looms this Thursday. And another one looms again the following Wednesday and/or Thursday. While it's okay to enjoy all the hard work of these special family meals, it's so not fun to have that super-stuffed, food-baby feeling. And it's even less fun in January when our pants are just a tad too tight.

I ran across some great advice in the blog by Amelia Burton, a fitness and life coach from Australia. She has some great, no-nonsense tips for getting through holiday meals.

Here are her 6 Tips for Eating Healthy this Christmas.


Exercise the morning of the party: If you are invited to a Christmas or New Year's party, burn extra calories early that morning. Don't wait till later because party days are busy days, and you might have too many things to do later. 

Exercise on Christmas day: Wake up early and work out before the kids start opening their presents. Do it even if you're hungover.

Drink like a fish: Guzzle H2O instead of champagne on this day--lots of it--to fill you up so you're not ravished at dinner.

Eat palm-sized portions of meat. Eat a salad before dinner, and put lots of the leafy green stuff on your plate. Eat smaller amounts of more fattening foods. Only eat as much meat as would fit into the palm of your hand (not including your fingers!).

Eat a late lunch: Before a big feast or party, eat a healthy late lunch. Turning up at 6 p.m. festivity starving is a recipe for disaster. Remember the third tip, and make sure you've drank lots of water.

Eat sitting down with food on your plate:  After the big dinner, leftover ham will tempt us from the fridge and pie will call our names from the counter. Enjoy the leftovers as a meal, sitting down to eat them on a plate. Avoid eating straight from the fridge, and remember nibbling is a weigh loss no-no.

For some comic relief, check out FaeryDreamer's journal post called Helpful Holiday Diet Tips. She reminds us that STRESSED is just DESSERTS spelled backwards and calories don't count as long as you and your friend eat the same amount. 

What are your tips--serious or silly--for avoiding holiday over eating?

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