8 Maddening Things Only Allergy Sufferers Understand

woman with allergies While it's hard not to get excited about the arrival of spring, for allergy sufferers, seeing those buds forming on the trees can mean weeks of agony and torment. Medication and home remedies can only do so much, and though you long for the lovely weather, you may find yourself missing the dead of winter.


We asked runny-nosed, glassy-eyed seasonal allergy sufferers to share that one thing about the condition that nearly drives them to the brink every time.

"Ugh, doing the perfect cat-eye liner and three coats of mascara only to sneeze or have my eyes start watering and make everything all runny and look like Alice Cooper before I've even left the house." -- Eve V.

"Feeling self-conscious when I have to wipe my nose like people will think I'm sick and germy when it's just allergies." -- Anne M.

"Not being able to wear my contacts! Aughh! My eyes get so itchy and I rub and rub my poor eyeballs until they get all swollen and horrible and I can't even get my contacts in."  -- April H.

"When I'm fine -- no allergic feelings/reactions -- and then out of the blue a stream of clear water drains out of my nose and down to my lip ... usually while talking to someone face to face." -- Anne M.

"I always feel so betrayed because I love spring so much. I'm like, 'I'm your number one fan, why are you doing this to me?'" -- April H.

"The thing that gets me is when I can't stop sneezing and I have to cross my legs not to wet my pants." -- Margaret B.

"The worst is when you've taken your medication and you feel better but you just can't stay awake." -- Samantha A.

"There have been times where the itch inside my inner ear is so bad, I thought I'd go insane. I've been convinced a spider was in there, it's that awful." -- Terry L. 


While it's a small consolation, at least allergy sufferers know they're not alone in being driven crazy by their symptoms.

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