13 Big & Small Secrets We Still Can't Tell Our Moms


I am 37 years old. I've got a good job, a sweet husband, and great kids. I am, by any measure, a grown-up. But if you think I'm going to tell my 70-year-old parents the truth about what really happened that time they went out of town when I was 17 -- you're crazy!

Even though we're too old to get in trouble, many of us are still keeping secrets from our parents. Whether they are little white lies or giant heartbreaking whoppers, several grown-ups shared these very secrets with us. 


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  • Virgin in White


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    "My parents, who are very conservative, still believe I was a virgin when I got married. At age 28. Um. Okay." -- W.D.

  • Hiding the Damage


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    "My parents knew that I got into a car accident with my college boyfriend because I ended up in the hospital with a concussion. What they don't know is that he drove into a parked car because he was distracted by the oral sex I was performing. The concussion was from my head hitting the steering wheel." -- D.S.

  • Secret Wedding


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    "My parents never knew that I was married. And don't know that I had to go through a divorce. My mom is a mom, so I'm sure she had a clue?

    "We got married one December for a bigger tax return. He promised me a wedding, and it never happened. And I just never told my parents because I kept waiting for the wedding. It's horrible. It was horrible." -- H.S.

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  • The Real Reason


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    "I have pretty much told my parents everything -- maybe not at the time, but stuff has come out in the years since my childhood. However, one thing I have never told them is why my relationship with a boyfriend ended so abruptly in high school. I was raped. But I didn't have the heart to tell them because I was afraid they would be racked with guilt and I didn't want them to feel even an ounce of the pain I was feeling. In the 20 years since it happened, my mom has pieced together that something bad happened, that maybe he cheated or something, but she doesn't know the extent of it. Even now, I don't think I could tell her." -- M.H.

  • Cheater



    "When I was a child, I saw my dad kissing a neighbor at a party. He saw me and made me promise to never tell my mom. I never did and I still feel guilty about it." -- N.B.

  • Crash & Lie



    "I totally hit a car shortly after starting to drive. My license plate fell off after I rear-ended the car and I had to run into the street to pick it up and I told my parents that someone hit my car in a parking lot. I didn't want them to say I couldn't drive anymore." -- S.S.

  • Fertility Secret



    "My in-laws still don't know we used fertility drugs to become pregnant with our oldest. We were very lucky that shots worked so we never had to move to insemination or IVF. They are very conservative and since we didn't want any negative feedback on our decision, we never mentioned it to them.

    "If they asked, we would tell them, and maybe they assumed, but it has still never been discussed. They love our kids unconditionally, are amazing grandparents, and have chilled out a bit with age, so I'm not sure they would even have a huge reaction at this point." -- S.G.

  • Spring Break Secrets



    "I'm not sure which is the bigger secret from Spring Break 2005: my tramp stamp I got or the fact that I got arrested for flashing my boobs at a cop. So classy." -- S.W.

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  • Daddy Issues


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    "My parents don't know that my son might not be the biological son of my husband. We separated for a bit but didn't tell anyone. I found out I was pregnant right after we got back together and I'm 87 percent sure my husband is the dad. We don't care. He is 100 percent in love with our boy. We'll never tell our families." -- I.G.

  • Money Lies



    "My parents are SUPER responsible with money. I was not. We had to declare bankruptcy a few years ago after losing big money when the real estate market crashed. I'm too ashamed to ever tell them." -- J.T.

  • The Vase



    "I let my kid brother take the fall for it, and I've never fessed up. But, Mom, it was me. I broke Grandma's vase.

    "(Please don't print my name.)"-- Y.R.

  • A Few Credits Shy


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    "My parents think I graduated from college but I didn't. I got to walk in the graduation ceremony but was supposed to take my last Spanish class in the summer. I never did and spent my tuition money on a trip to the Bahamas instead. I'm going to go back next year and finish." -- J.D.

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  • Sexuality Secret



    "I'm happily married and monogamous. I'm also bisexual. My parents don't know because I know it would be a lot for them to process and since I'm not planning on being in a relationship with a woman again, I don't think I need to spill these beans right now." -- J.R.

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