12 Signs You're Way Overdue for an Eye Exam

woman in need of eye examYou may take your kids for eye exams regularly, but chances are if you're a busy mom, you may neglect making an appointment for yourself. Sure, you can get by for a while squinting and pretending you can still see everything clearly, but if you've had any of the following happen to you, it could be time for a checkup.


Here are 12 signs that suggest (not so subtly) that you should probably schedule an eye exam:

1. You need a selfie stick to read a restaurant menu.

2. You have to run across the room and press your nose to the TV screen each time a character on your favorite show receives a text.

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3. Speaking of texts, you've blown up your font to a size so large only two words fit on your screen at a time.

4. You have to call your 10-year-old into the kitchen to read the directions on a box of rice.

5. You've been blaming your blinding headaches on your child's trying to teach himself how to play the drums.

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6. You wave to a neighbor down the street, wonder why she's ignoring you, and later realize it's a tree.

7. You're fighting senior citizens at the library for large-print editions of best-sellers.

8. When you drive at night, you're convinced every mailbox is a deer just waiting to leap in front of your minivan.

9. You cross the room to pet your black cat only to discover it's your down jacket.

10. You're totally fine with sitting in the front row of a movie theater.

11. The last time you had an eye exam, a different Clinton was running for president.

12. You've been closing one eye to read so often, your kids have been greeting you with an "Ahoy, matey!" and your partner thinks you're flashing the "let's get busy!" signal.

Don't wait any longer, make that call!


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