Holy Smokes! 8 Weird Weed Facts You Probably Didn't Know

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We're not here to argue for or against the legalization of marijuana, and we're not here to tell you you're right or wrong, no matter which way your habits fall. But marijuana is a drug and it can do some strange things to your body, so we're here to talk about those. Cool? Cool. Let's go.

  1. Smoking pot affects men and women differently. According to a study from Washington State University, females are at least 30 percent more sensitive to the pain-relieving qualities of THC (that's the drug part of marijuana) than males are. This study was only looking at rats, but the scientists expect that this translates to humans, too.
  2. But men get more of the munchies. The same Washington State University study said that the "munchie effect" is the only THC reaction where males show more sensitivity than females.
  3. It's possible to become dependent on marijuana, but you probably won't. Only about 9 percent of people who try marijuana will develop a dependence. Compare that to the 24 percent of people become dependent on heroin after trying it, and you see why that's considered so much more dangerous.
  4. Weed can be good for your pets. Pot can be used for pets to treat the same symptoms that humans treat with medical marijuana, according to a study in the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine. Puppy highs can help with appetite and energy in sick and dying dogs and generally ease their quality of life.

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  5. There's a link between people who smoke a lot of pot and people with schizophreniaThough the study doesn't claim which way this link runs (is it the pot causing the schizophrenia or the schizophrenia causing the pot use?), there's definitely a troubling link between the two -- and a lot of research left to do about why.
  6. Pot isn't as green as you thinkIt's green in color, sure. But it takes a lot of energy to grow weed, which means it's not as eco-friendly as we'd like to think. Growing enough weed for one joint costs the same in carbon emissions as running a 100-watt light bulb for 17 hours, and America's pot industry emits as much carbon as 3 million cars.
  7. Americans love weed. In 2010, the total US marijuana consumption was somewhere between 9.2 and 18.5 million pounds.
  8. About half of Americans say they've tried marijuana. Statistically speaking, one of your parents was probably into it.

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