7 Paths to Finding Meaning & Purpose -- Without Religion

For the most part, our generation doesn't care too much about religion. But that doesn't mean we're not interested in spiritual peace or well-being -- we're just looking for ways to find it that don't involve churches or temples or mosques. Because we don't have as many organizations to help us, it can be hard to find help with spiritual growth ... but it doesn't have to be impossible.


We talked to Miki Spies, spiritual caregiver and author of Fashion a Fairytale: An Inspired Methodology for Manifesting Fantasies, to hear her advice on how to connect spiritually without using an organized religion. Here are her top tips: 

  1. Journal your dreams. Your dreams are a window to your subconscious, and the only way to begin to understand what happens in the untapped part of your brain is to observe.

    "Upon waking, lay completely still," Spies recommends. "With practice, you will be able to recover every detail of your dream life."

    If you keep a journal by your bed, you can write your dreams down right away and interpret them as you explore the details. "You will begin to recognize how the universe is speaking to you," Spies says.

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  2. Let go of your preconceived judgments. That's enlightenment, says Spies, and the key to being spiritually in touch. 

    "Realize that most of your thoughts originated with your parents and the society you grew up in," Spies said. "Deprogram yourself from everything you think you know."
  3. Disconnect. "Separate yourself from the noise and mediate," Spies says. "I spend the first 30 minutes of my day in a meditative state as I transition into the 'real world.'"
  4. Tune into the universe. Spies calls astrology the "CliffsNotes into the universal mind." It's referred to as the mother of all science, and Spies says understanding it can help you understand the spiritual atmosphere you're in.

    "Everything is connected to everything," she explains. "Other people affect your energy, and so do the planets. I keep track of what sign the moon is in. It gives me a glimpse of the spiritual climate for the day." 
  5. Learn to fall in love with yourself. Positive self-talk is an essential step in becoming in tune with yourself and who you are.

    "Look in the mirror and tell yourself how fantastic you are at least six times a day. You have a life purpose no one else is capable of," she explains. "Love yourself as you are now. Embrace every 'flaw.' Appreciate every quirk."

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  6. Become emotionally healthy. "Pick out your thoughts as if you were picking out your clothes," Spies advises. "Understand that emotions are simply a result of concentrating on a thought."

    Spies says cleaning up your "thought life" is the basis of any and all emotional strength. Only let yourself think good thoughts, and you'll build an emotional backbone like you've never had before.

  7. Consider veganism. Spies says this is an important step for her personal journey to spirituality, and it had benefits far beyond what she expected.

    "Fill your grocery cart with vegetables, fruits, beans, and nuts," Spies recommends. "My favorite breakfast is beans and hash browns topped with six or seven vegetables."

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