5 Best Bug Repellents for Protecting Against Zika

The more we hear about Zika, the more we're freaking out. Honestly, at this point we just want to know the best ways to protect ourselves and our families (aside, of course, from never setting foot outside again). So we're happy that Consumer Report released a new insect repellent rating with a definitive list of the best, most Zika-proof bug sprays on the market.


It's high time, too, because according to all the new reports, we're extremely screwed. Not only has the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a public emergency, but now experts are saying it's also only a matter of time before it spreads organically the USand, as of today, the CDC confirmed the link between Zika and two babies who died of microcephaly in Brazil.

That means that while everyone bitten by the Aedes mosquito is at risk of developing the virus, pregnant women need to be especially concerned because there's a chance it could lead to pregnancy complications or birth defects.

The best way to protect the pregnant women in our lives is to protect ourselves so we don't get Zika and then spread it -- and if that means smelling like bug spray for the next year, we'll do it. 

Here are the five best insect repellents to protect against Zika (don't worry -- all are safe for pregnant women). Say hello to your new perfume!


Image via Maridav/Shutterstock

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